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No-code Workflow Automation with CleverTap and Zapier Integration New Feature BETA

Introducing the new integration with Zapier - a leading workflow automation platform that helps to integrate apps and move data between apps such as Salesforce, Google, Intuit, Dropbox, etc.

CleverTap and Zapier’s no-code integration empowers our customers to seamlessly connect with other apps listed on Zapier’s marketplace to automate workflows for improved focus and operational efficiency. Zapier allows customers to transfer information collected in one app (the trigger) to the CleverTap dashboard (the action), helping leverage data across multiple apps via automated processes. Such a trigger/action combo is called a Zap.

With this integration, CleverTap customers can:

  • Push user information from Salesforce, Hubspot, and other tools to CleverTap.
  • Push user responses to surveys from Typeform, Survey Monkey, and other feedback platforms as an event to CleverTap.
  • Run personalization campaigns and journeys based on the events and user information captured through Zap.

Learn more in the Zapier documentation.

New Out-of-the-box Templates for the Web Native Display Channel New Feature

Unveiling the Banner Carousel and Banner Carousel with Text templates for the Web Native Display channel. Web visitors spend most of their page-view time on the first fold. These templates help web visitors discover relevant content such as recommended products, personalized offers, and more on your webpage before they drop off.


Private Beta

This feature is released in private Beta. Reach out to your customer success manager to request early access for this feature.


With these templates, you can:

  • Completely customize the carousel banners, including the title and description copy, style, and placement of the carousel.
  • Display up to seven rotating banners to deliver a wide variety of content within a limited website area.
  • Optimize images for mobile devices to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Configure the carousel autorotation with a customizable slider time.
  • Enable the carousel dots and navigation arrows to enable manual scroll.

Refer to the User and Developer documentation for Banner Carousel to try out this exciting feature.

WhatsApp Channel Add-on Update

Introducing the newest addition to the CleverTap for Startups Add-ons list - the WhatsApp Channel!


WhatsApp channel has high reachability and engagement rates, making it one of the most attractive channels of engagement for businesses.

You can now use the CleverTap WhatsApp messaging channel without upgrading your plan. All you need to do is integrate the WhatsApp channel with the Business Service Provider of your choice, and you are all set to create a WhatsApp campaign from the CleverTap dashboard.



No-code Web Native Display Campaigns with Ready-to-use Templates New Feature

Now add more visual flair to your website with our new templates - Banner and Banner with Text. Create and deliver contextual content without any coding effort with CleverTap's Web Native campaigns.

Learn more in the Web Native Display and Web Native Display Templates documentation.


Push Notification Opt-in with CleverTap Push Primer New Feature

All apps targeting Android 13 or iOS 10 and higher must ask for permission before sending a notification. This check empowers users to provide their consent for receiving notifications. CleverTap Push Primer helps you with the following:

  1. Gives your users the context of push notifications (see figure below).
  2. Convinces them to opt-in (see figure below).
  3. Enables you to request the user again for a previously declined permission. The user can opt for notification without manually opening the device’s settings (see figure below).

For more information, refer to Android Push Primer and iOS Push Primer.

Superfast Campaign Reports New Feature

Get lightning-fast reports for up to 2000 campaigns in a minimum of 10 minutes - 20 times faster than before. But wait, there's more! Automate the ingestion of reports to your cloud partners, such as Amazon S3 or GCP.

Learn how to set up Campaign Reports.

Make Informed Decisions with our Webhooks Enhancement

Get a holistic view of your user’s information or data to make informed decisions.



This enhancement is available only on the new campaign interface.

You can now update your CRMs with holistic user information such as lat/long, phone number, city, and so on. You can also check the reachability of users on each messaging channel.

Try Creating a Webhook and test this new enhancement.


Manage WhatsApp Providers on CleverTap Enhancement

Introducing the new WhatsApp Provider Management enhancement on CleverTap! This enhancement allows you to:

  • Edit, archive, or delete your WhatsApp providers from the dashboard, declutter your view, and stay organized. You can archive a provider to hide it from view. You can also delete provider and provider data completely. Archiving or deleting a provider stops the related campaigns and journeys.
  • Edit provider settings and update configurations directly from the WhatsApp channel Settings page.

Learn more in the Manage WhatsApp Providers documentation.

Project Activity Dashboard v1.0 Enhancemnt

Introducing our new adoption and usage tracking dashboard - exclusively available for CleverTap for Startups users. Supercharge your team's performance with this powerful tool by CleverTap.

With this enhancement, you can get the following:

  • A holistic view of your user engagement channels and activity update.
  • Identify unused features and configurations and make the most of them with our recommendations.

Seamless Email-to-App Experience with AppsFlyer's Deep Linking Suite Enhancement

Introducing the ability to define AppsFlyer deep links in the CleverTap dashboard - a game-changing update that streamlines the email-to-app experience, quickly directs users to your app, and helps increase conversion rates. Create personalized journeys and measure campaign performance with AppsFlyer's Deep Linking Suite.

Refer to AppsFlyer Onelink for more information.


Create Mobile Push Campaigns using API Update

Introducing a powerful update to the Create Campaign API for mobile push campaigns. Set goals, goal conversion events, and revenue properties from the API. Control user reach and limit costs. Create timezone campaigns and DND preferences, and set up campaigns for multiple dates or set up recurring campaigns. Create effective push messages from the API using different keys such as Summary, Subtitle, Collapse key, and more.

For more information, refer to Mobile Push Notification Parameters.


RenderMaxTM - Push Notification Rendering Technology by CleverTap New Feature

CleverTap's Push Notification Rendering Technology boosts push render rates up to 90%. With RenderMax, engage users you could not before and elevate your push campaigns’ ROI.

While most other solutions focus only on increasing delivery rates, CleverTap RenderMax solves the challenge of delivering and rendering push notifications on Android OEM devices. It powers up the render rates of a push notification, amplifies reach, and maximizes user engagement.

To learn more about how you can improve push notification render rates, refer to RenderMax or ask for a demo.


Supercharge WhatsApp Campaigns with Enhanced Experimentation and Optimization New Feature



This enhancement is available only on the new campaign interface.

The WhatsApp channel is now powered with additional capabilities around experimentation and optimization, giving you the ability to:

  • Experiment with A/B and multivariate testing to compare up to three message versions using different templates, copies, creative calls to action, or any combination, to identify what works best.
  • Utilize Split Delivery to decide what percentage of the audience gets a particular message variant and compare variant stats to identify the winning variant.
  • Create Multi-variant Campaigns optimized for location, demographics, purchase trends, and more. Create up to 50 variants of the same message based on a user property type (for example, language) to boost engagement and conversion.

For more information, refer to the WhatsApp Message Types.

Push Amplification is now Pull Notification Update

The Push Amplification feature is now called Pull Notifications. The new name truly reflects the functioning and benefit of this feature because it pulls the pending notifications from the CleverTap server and successfully delivers them to mobile devices.


Previous Releases

Click the following link to view all the details related to previous releases.

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Supercharging Web Channel Campaigns with Enhanced Experimentation, Optimization, and Personalization Features

We understand the importance of creating exceptional experiences for your users, whether they visit your app or website. In our drive to help create better omnichannel experiences, we are introducing enhancements to web channel campaigns run through CleverTap. With these enhancements, you can deliver exceptional web user experiences through better workflows, additional experimentation options, and improved analytics.

  • With custom HTML templates utilizing click-tracking metrics, you will be able to measure the impact of your web pop-up and exit intent campaigns.
  • Keeping the importance of visuals in mind, we are now providing you the ability to personalize images used in web channel campaigns based on user property, event property, and product recommendations. You can also host images for your web channel campaigns directly on CleverTap’s CDN, eliminating the dependence on third-party solutions. This will help you deliver user experiences that are even more contextual and hyper-personal.
  • To help you experiment, you can now compare up to three message versions with different copies, calls to action, or a combination of these, in your web channel campaigns. This helps you experiment with more creative options and see the impact it generates on engagement and/or conversions.
  • To optimize your web campaigns, you can now use the Split Delivery feature to decide what percentage of the audience gets a particular message variant and compare campaign stats to identify the winning variant, which can become the default variant. You can also optimize web campaigns based on user properties and create up to 50 variants of the same message to drive experimentation and engagement.

For more information, refer to the documentation for Web Push, Web Pop-up, and Web Exit Intent channels. Please note that these enhancements are available in the new Campaigns interface on CleverTap.


2FA Key Reset Within the CleverTap Dashboard

2FA key management is now available from within the CleverTap dashboard. With this feature, admin users can directly reset 2FA keys in case of loss of credentials, eliminating the dependency on the CleverTap support team. This feature can be accessed directly from the Security menu under Settings for any user within a project.

This feature will be available for all customers across all the plans. For more information, check out the documentation page here.

Personalize WhatsApp Notifications based on Past User Responses

The updated WhatsApp Notification Replied event now captures a lot more data comparatively as event properties such as incoming message type, incoming text, incoming media URL, and so on, enabling you to trigger & personalize WhatsApp notifications based on the user’s past response.

With this update, you can:

  • Create highly personalized Journeys and WhatsApp Campaigns utilizing the user’s WhatsApp response attributes.
  • Build automated chat workflows to deliver quicker responses using the event property ‘incoming text’ as the triggering criteria.
  • Analyze the behavior of their users based on their WhatsApp responses to identify trends and aggregate them into segments and engage them.

The feature will be available to all CleverTap WhatsApp add-on customers in both the new and legacy Campaigns experience. For more information, check out the documentation page here.



Preview Dark Mode for Emails in the Drag and Drop Editor

We are excited to introduce the new dark mode email preview capability using the email drag and drop editor.

Dark mode is a very popular feature used by end consumers; hence it is becoming an integral part of the email creation experience. Marketers must often test for light mode and dark mode compatibility across devices and email clients before sending emails.

Customers can now view how the email looks in the dark and light modes and switch the preview in real-time with a toggle button.

This feature is available in the preview and test section of the email drag and drop editor and for desktop and mobile device previews in the new Campaign experience.

Please visit the documentation for more information.

Gmail Promotional Annotations (Beta) – Enhance Email Discoverability & Engagement

Gmail Promotional Annotations enable you to:

  • Highlight key information such as images, logo, promo codes, the expiration date on deals, etc., along with the subject and the preheader text in Gmail’s Promotions tab
  • Showcase relevant information to recipients upfront, even before they open their emails
  • Add expiry dates to promotional emails, which provides two opportunities for customer emails to get highlighted in the Promotions tab, first when the email was sent and second when the offer is about to expire without them having to send a second email

Simply upload logos, images, discounts, offer code and start/end date, subject line, and the sender’s name you want to be highlighted while setting up emails in CleverTap.

Currently, Gmail provides annotations only for mobile inboxes. This capability may be extended to the desktop inboxes at a later date.

This feature will be available across all the plans but only in the new CleverTap campaigns UI. For more information, check out the documentation page here.



Variant Specific A/B Test Analysis on the Notification Sent Event for Deeper Insights

CleverTap customers can now analyze users who were sent a specific variant of an A/B test campaign, from within the Analytics section.

Customers can leverage the ‘Variant’ event property filter of the ‘Notification Sent’ event, in addition to the other notification based events like notification clicked, viewed, etc. This helps perform even better analysis and query users across different sections (funnels, segments, etc). Customers can download the list of users who were sent a specific variant and save it as a segment for further actions.

This feature is available for all CleverTap customers.

Inclusion of Composite Events Within the Total Active Events Count on the CleverTap Dashboard

Composite events counts are now included within the Total active events count on the CleverTap dashboard, with a tooltip explaining the same. Although composite events count was always included in the total active events count in the backend, this enhancement ensures the same data reflects on the CleverTap dashboard with absolute transparency. Customers can now view the total active events count as a sum of active System, Custom, and Composite events on the dashboard. This would give customers an enhanced clarity on the number of events created so far and ascertain how many more can be added within the allotted limits.

This feature is available for all CleverTap customers.


WhatsApp as a Campaign Type in all WhatsApp-related System Events

WhatsApp has been added as a Campaign Type property value in all WhatsApp-related system events. You can now utilize this capability to easily analyze the performance of WhatsApp campaigns aggregated at a channel level.

This feature will be available for all customers, across all the plans.



Support for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers Within a CleverTap Project

Now you can create distinguished WhatsApp experiences for multiple business stakeholders, like customers of different products and business verticals, suppliers, partners etc. by utilizing separate WhatsApp numbers within a CleverTap project to deliver unique experiences.

With this capability you can:

  • Use multiple phone numbers with a BSP or multiple BSP accounts within a single CleverTap project
  • Manage WhatsApp templates separately for each number
  • Create campaigns and send notifications using any WhatsApp business number

This feature will be available across all the plans. For more information check out the documentation page here.

Execute and Track NPS Surveys from within the CleverTap Dashboard

You can now run and track NPS surveys directly through the CleverTap dashboard. NPS survey has been added to the Web Pop-up & In-App Messaging template to enable set up, execution, and tracking of results, with ease. With this release you:

  • No longer need to rely on external survey tools to capture NPS scores and manually import data into CleverTap to track it.
  • Can completely customize the NPS survey template to reflect their brand guidelines by changing the look and feel, labels, copy, CTA etc.
  • Can easily track the NPS scores and the campaign metrics from the pre-built NPS board.

Please note that this feature is available only for customers who have migrated to the new Campaigns UI. Learn more.

IP Whitelisting Management Now Available within the CleverTap Dashboard

IP Whitelisting management is now available from within the CleverTap dashboard. Users with admin access can now view, add and remove IPs directly from the Security menu under Settings. This means complete control of the network access to your projects without any dependence on the CleverTap support team.

This feature will be available for all customers, across all the plans. For more information check out the documentation page here.


SMS Provider Management Enhancement Now Live

SMS CRUD support allows CleverTap customers to delete or archive existing SMS providers.

Customers will be able to manage the campaigns and journeys running on archived and deleted SMS providers and will be able to shift them to their preferred SMS provider for continued engagement.

SMS providers and customers can cut the unnecessary billing cost of discontinued campaigns, This will help in the accountability and the billing for SMS providers of customers.

The feature is available for all customers, across all plans.


Build More Engaging Emails and Streamline Email Campaign Creation with the Enhanced Email Editor

With the enhanced Email Editor you can:

  • Build mobile-optimized email templates using the mobile view editor, without switching back and forth between editor and preview mode
  • Create more engaging emails by utilizing stickers and GIFs
  • Easily add titles to email templates using the Title block
  • Streamline the way you add space to email templates using the Spacer block
  • Easily manage saved rows with an option to delete, rename, and even re-organize rows from within the editor

This enhancement will be available for all CleverTap customers across all the plans and both in the old and new Campaigns experience.