Payments and Overages

Payment Methods

Under the CleverTap Essential plan, CleverTap accepts all major credit or debit cards (for example, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB).
For Indian Customers paying in INR, we also allow eNACH (eMandate via Net Banking). For more information about how it works, refer to the eMandate via NetBanking section.

Managing Payment Method

CleverTap provides the flexibility of having more than one payment method. One of the payment methods is always marked as Default. You can update any one of the saved methods as the default payment method. In this case, all future transactions will be made through the default method.

Update Billing Information and Cart Details

If you are an organization member with billing permissions (Admins), you can update the billing and payment information by clicking Organization on the left navigation menu of the dashboard. Then, click Payment Methods to update the required details.


Billing Currency

You cannot change the currency for billing.

Payment Failure

In case your payment fails, we notify you right away. You must complete your payment within a grace period of 10 days. You can choose to retry with the existing default payment method or use a new payment method. We automatically make the payment method you choose to pay with a default method post successful transaction.

During the grace period, the incoming data, data exports, and dashboard access are not affected. If the payment details are not updated within the grace period, your account access is locked. If you do not clear all outstanding payments within 14 days of the account lock, your account is cancelled. After the account is cancelled, you can no longer retrieve your account, and all the data is deleted permanently.


New RBI eMandate Regulations

For Indian Customers, with new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) e-mandate regulations coming into effect, there are high chances your payment may fail. This is because the processing of e-mandate on cards for recurring transactions requires an Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA). For more information, refer to Compliance with RBI eMandate Regulations.

Exceeding Plan Limits

If you exceed your plan limits, you can upgrade to a higher MAU tier before the end of the billing period to avoid overage charges.

Overage Calculation

Any overage is charged for each additional MBU over the plan's MAU tier limit. A total of 10,000 data points are allowed per MAU. Any excess data points above 10,000 is counted as an additional MAU.

For every additional 100 MAUs, an overage is charged at 1.2x of the plan's base price (view calculation below). All paid add-ons are charged overages at 1.2x of the plan price.

Below is an example of overage charges for a subscription with an MAU tier limit of up to 20,000, including add-ons:

MAU LimitMonthly Billable UsersBase PriceAdd-on PriceOverage for MAUOverage for Add-onBillable Amount *
Up to 20,000<20,000 without add-ons$250$0$0$0$250
Up to 20,000<20,000 with add-ons$250$20$0$0$270
Up to 20,00022,000 (2,000 MAUs overage) without add-ons$250$0Overage (2,000/100*1.2)
Up to 20,00022,000 (2,000 MAUs overage) with add-ons$250$20Overage (2,000/100*1.2)

*Not inclusive of taxes, if applicable

You can view your plan's estimated MBU and overages under Organization > My Plan > Usage Summary. Overage charges get calculated on a pro-rated basis from the start of the billing period for the month in which overages occurred. To avoid overage charges, you must upgrade your subscription to a higher MAU tier limit.


MBU Usage over 300%

You may lose access to your account for any MBU usage over 300%. There are no overage charges levied during the trial period.


Softlock for Annual Payments

The softlock for annual payment happens at 120%. If your Annual Billable Users exceed 120% of the annual data point limit, then your account gets softlocked.

Alert for Overages

All account admins will receive alert emails when their account exceeds their MAU tier limit cap by the following percentages: 80%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 250%, 300%, and 600%. Account admins are also notified to upgrade to a higher MAU tier through a popup if the account exceeds the MAU tier limit.

Account Lock and Suspension

Account Lock Due to Overages

If your MAU overages exceed 300%, your account may be locked. During this time, you will no longer be able to access the dashboard. To restore account access and avoid overages, you must upgrade your subscription to a higher MAU tier limit. Data ingestion and any scheduled or recurring campaigns will not be affected during this time. All data exports via API, SFTP, and third-party partners will be disabled.

If you do not upgrade by the next billing date (the 1st of each month), your account access will be locked, and overage charges will be applicable.

Invoices, GST, and Sales Tax

View & Manage Invoices

Whenever you purchase a CleverTap Essentials subscription, you can find your invoices under the Billing tab of your admin section. The invoice is sent on the first of every month only to the email added under the billing details section. For more details on changing the invoice recipient, refer to the Change Invoice Recipients and Billing Details section.

To find your invoices:

  1. Click Organization on the left navigation menu of the dashboard. Click Billing details > Invoices. From there, you will be able to view all invoices.
  2. To view the entire invoice, click on an invoice number.


Invoice Access

Only account admins can access and update invoices.

Tax Invoicing

  • VAT(Value-Added Tax): A field is provided to USD customers for entering tax numbers, which is shown in the invoice for USD accounts.
  • GST(Goods and Services Tax): CleverTap supports GST invoicing for customers in India. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a mandatory levy for all Indian Rupee (INR) invoices as per regulatory requirements in India. Businesses registered in India can input their GSTIN (GST Identification Number) during the signup process.
  • TDS(Tax Deducted at Source): Compliance with regards to the TDS or withholding taxes is required to be taken by the customer. To comply with the requirement, you must gross up the amount paid to CleverTap and accordingly calculate the TDS on the same.
    For example, If INR 14000 + GST is the monthly invoice and you need to withhold 2% TDS, then 2% of Rs.14000 or INR 280 becomes the withholding tax, and you have to expense it out at your end. Please check the terms and conditions mentioned on the online page related to TDS or withholding taxes. Please refer to section 6.2 of the terms and conditions.

Change Invoice Recipients and Billing Details

To change the invoice recipient or update invoice details:

  1. Click on the Billing Details section under Organization on the CleverTap dashboard.
  2. Click Save to apply your changes.

Any changes made to these settings will be reflected on the next invoice.

To access additional information, refer to the FAQ section for details on commonly encountered queries.