Engagement Stats

Understand the performance of your engagement.


Engagement Stats offer a unified performance view of all your engagement channels, which is particularly beneficial if you have many journey nodes. Marketers can use these stats to assess each channel's ROI, optimize them, and concentrate on top-performing messaging channels.

View Engagement Stats

To view engagement stats:

  1. Go to Journeys. Click the desired Journey and click Engagement Stats.
Engagement Stats

Engagement Stats

  1. It displays the following details:
Engagement node nameName of the engagement node.
Node IDUnique identifier of the journey node.
Campaign IDUnique ID for the campaign.
ChannelType of messaging channel used. For example, SMS, Push, etc.
EngagementThe engagement achieved by the channel varies based on different calculation rules for each channel.
RateRate of engagement for the node. For example, click percentage.
SentThe total number of notifications sent to user devices.
ImpressionsThe total number of devices that receive the notifications. Calculated with
(Impressions/Sent) * 100. Available only for CleverTap SDK 3.5.1 and above.
DeliveredThese are the number of messages delivered to the user's device from a campaign.
ClicksNumber of clicks generated by the campaign. Calculated as (Clicks/Sent) * 100.
ViewedThe number of messages viewed from the user's device.
Events Streamed The count of events that were exported to Segment.
Webhook Streamed Represents the total webhooks streamed to an endpoint.
RepliedThese are the number of messages viewed from the user's device.
Converted users The number of users who performed the conversion goal after receiving the campaign.
Goal 1 The Journey goal. A Journey can have up to 3 goals.
Goal 2The Journey goal. A Journey can have up to 3 goals.
Goal 3The Journey goal. A Journey can have up to 3 goals.

Manage Engagement Stats

This section provides steps to manage engagement stats. It describes how to filter data, search data, edit columns, set pagination, and download data as a CSV file.

Filter the Engagement Stats

You can filter the engagement stats by channel and date range.

Filter by Channel

To filter engagement stats by channel:

  1. Click the Filters button at the top right corner. The channel selection window appears.
Select the required channels from the clevertap dashboard

Select the required channels

  1. Select the required channels. For example, Email, SMS, Push, and so on.
  2. To clear the filter, click Reset all.

Filter by Date Range

To filter engagement stats by date range:

  1. Click the Calendar widget at the top left corner.
  2. Choose the custom date range and click Apply.

Search Engagement Stats

Enter the name or the node ID to search for a particular engagement in the search box.

Edit the Engagement Stats Column

  1. Click the Edit Columns button on the top right corner. The Edit Columns window appears.
  2. Toggle on to show the required column or toggle it off.
  3. Drag and drop the columns to change their order.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

Sort the Engagement Stats Rows

Click the column header. The ↑ icon indicates that the data is sorted in ascending order. The ↓ icon indicates that the data is sorted in descending order.

Set the Pagination for Engagement Stats

To choose how many items you view per page:

  1. Use the Items per page drop-down at the bottom of the Engagement Stats page.
  2. Select one of the following options: 10, 20, 30, or 40. By default, the page shows 20 stats.

View Engagement Stats

To view the campaign stats for a channel, click the View Campaign Stats icon on the engagement stats row.

View campaign stats on engagement stats page

View Campaign Stats

Download the CSV for Engagement Stats

To download the engagement stats CSV:

  1. Select the desired rows.
  2. Click the CSV Download icon at the bottom of the page.
    The CSV file downloads automatically. All the columns displayed on the screen are included in the CSV file.