Viewing Journey Reports


You can view comprehensive reports for all Journeys. You can export these reports to analyze Journey performance with your metrics, compare performance across Journeys and understand engagement trends.

Export Journey Reports

You can export a Journey report in a CSV file. When you export a Journey report, it will be emailed to you at your registered email address.



You can email reports for up to 100 Journeys at a time from the dashboard.

Email Journey Report

Email Journey Report

1Select the date range for which you wish to view the Journeys.
2Select the required Journeys from the Journeys list page.
3Click the Email Report icon. It emails you the Journey report to the registered email ID.

Schedule Journey Exports

You can choose to get daily or weekly reports for any Journeys with the running status. You can choose the period and frequency from the reports section in Settings. Go to Settings > Setup > Reports.

Schedule Journey Reports

Schedule Journey Reports

Types of Journey Reports

There are two types of Journey Reports available:

  1. Journey Summary Report
  2. Journey Nodewise Report

Journey Summary Report

This is a Journey level report. Each row in the report represents a Journey and contains information for the Journey and all the users in it.

Journey Summary report column headers:

Journey DataUser Data
Journey Start TimeQualified
Journey End timeEntered
Journey NameGoal Met
Journey IDGoal 1 Name
Journey Entry typeGoal 1 Conversions
Reentry AllowedGoal 1 Control Group Conversions
Journey StatusGoal 2 Name
Journey Created byGoal 2 Conversions
Journey LabelsGoal 2 Control Group Conversions
Journey Number of nodesGoal 3 Name
Journey URLGoal 3 Conversions
Goal 3 Control Group Conversions
Journey Timeout
Force Exits
Control Group (Total)
System Control Group Conversions
Campaign Control Group Conversions
Custom Control Group Conversions
Custom Control Group Name

Journey Nodewise Report

This is a node level report. Each row in the report represents a node in a Journey. This report has multiple rows that represent multiple nodes in a Journey.



If a Journey has multiple Campaign OS' and Variants, they will be represented in separate rows.

This data is available for Segment and Engage nodes. The report display Journey Overview data, Node Overview data, Node user data, and campaign data.
A Journey Node report has the following column headers:

Journey Overview dataNode Overview dataNode User DataCampaign Data
Journey Start TimeNode TypeMoved ForwardCampaign Type
Journey End timeNode IDMoved Forward via YesCampaign Variant
Journey NamePrevious Node**Moved Forward via NoCampaign OS
Journey IDDelay before Node**Moved Forward via Node TimeoutGlobal Campaign Limits Applied
Journey Entry typeConnector from Previous**Journey TimeoutCampaign Title
Re-entry AllowedQualifying windowCompletedCampaign Message
Journey StatusCampaign Name / Segment NameGoal MetTotal Sent
Journey Created byCampaign ID / Segment ID**Goal 1 NameTotal Viewed
Journey Labels **Channel / Segment TypeGoal 1 ConversionsTotal Clicked
Journey Number of NodesCampaign URLGoal 2 NameErrors
Journey URLTemplate NameGoal 2 ConversionsConversion Event
Provider NameGoal 3 NameConversion Time (in minutes)
WABA numberGoal 3 ConversionsUnique Sent within Conversion Time
Unique Viewed within Conversion Time
Unique Clicked within Conversion Time
Unique Converted within Conversion Time
Influenced Conversions
Influenced Revenue
Amplified By Push
Deep link URL



Column headers with ** can have multiple values separated by |