The first and only content generator that can create emotionally resonant content at scale.


Scribe is the first and only AI-powered writing assistant that can also analyze and adjust the emotional tone of your content. Scribe communicates with the OpenAI APIs to generate messages for you. You can use a few text prompts to automatically generate attractive and emotionally relevant messages. It removes writer's block, allowing you to create message copies effortlessly and add emotional appeal to them. Scribe also uses emojis and hashtags to generate appealing messages that help you drive engagement.



Currently, this feature is only available for the Push Notifications channel in Campaigns and Journeys.

Scribe Overview Video Tutorial

Discover the video tutorial for the Scribe overview and how to use Scribe to create compelling copies.

Create a Push Notification Message using Scribe

This section describes the steps to create a Push Notification message using Scribe. This feature can generate relevant copies for the message title and body.

To create a push notification message using Scribe:

  1. Create a Push Notification Message using Campaigns or Journeys.
Create a Push Notification Message

Create a Push Notification Message

  1. On the message editor, click the Magic WandMagic Wand icon next to the Title or Message field.
    The Scribe window displays.
Scribe Window

Scribe Window

  1. Enter your text in the Message/Prompt field and click any of the following buttons to:
  • Generate Copy: Generate multiple campaign copies with varying emotions based on the prompt you enter.
  • Optimize for Emotions: Paraphrase and calibrate the emotional tone of the message.



    The maximum character limit for the Message/Prompt field is 250.

  1. Click View sample prompts if required. It provides you with sample syntaxes for writing effective prompts.
  2. To copy the generated content, hover over the message, click the Copy to clipboard icon, click Done to exit the Scribe window, and paste the message.

Generate Copy

Based on the prompt you enter, Scribe generates up to three message options. It also analyzes the content's emotional tone. For example, you can enter Give me a message with 30% off on Smart TV for Black Friday Sale. The message is evaluated for emotions such as Anticipation, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), Joy, Surprise, and Trust. It enables you to understand how the audience may perceive the message. The emotional appeal of these messages can help you achieve a higher engagement. Based on the emotion analysis, you can select a message or click Optimize for Emotions to further optimize the emotions. For more information about optimizing emotions, refer to Optimize for Emotions.

Suggested Option and Emotion Analysis

Suggested Option and Emotion Analysis

Optimize for Emotions

Generates variations of the current messages and optimizes the emotional tone of the message variants. Scribe displays the top three options on the screen. Use the Increase drop-down to increase a specific emotion for your target audience. For example, enter the message Black Friday Sale Alert! Get a Smart TV with 30% off now! Don't miss out on this amazing deal!. If you want the message to evoke more Joy, it displays the top three messages with the highest Joy element in descending order. You can use the Optimize for Emotions feature again to generate more options.

Optimized for Emotions

Optimized for Emotions

Error Messages

Scribe alerts you with the following error messages if an issue occurs:

ErrorError Message
When the API server is unavailable or busy.Server error: Try again in some time.
When a user uses profane words in the message or prompt.Inappropriate language: Rewrite to get emotion analysis.
When Scribe is unable to generate options.The following error messages appear:

- Generate Options: No output: Rewrite the prompt to get suggestions.
- Paraphrase: Server error: Try again in some time.
When Scribe does not have any options to display to the user.No output: Paraphrase again to get suggestions.