Marketer Go Live Checklist

Learn about the essential tasks for a marketer to ensure comprehensive coverage of a marketing campaign.

A marketer's checklist is a comprehensive guide or roadmap, encompassing tasks and considerations for covering all aspects of a marketing campaign, project, or initiative. It aids marketers in staying organized, prioritizing tasks, and ensuring the completion of critical steps without overlooking any crucial aspects.

Marketer Go Live Checklist

The following are the steps that are part of the Marketer Go Live Checklist:

  1. Plan and Define Use cases
  2. User Consent and Privacy
  3. Track Event and User Attributes
  4. Test the Attributes
  5. Review Results

Plan and Define Use Cases

You can define the achievable use cases and the related engagement channels in CleverTap. To achieve this, perform the following:

  1. Obtain Creator access to the CleverTap dashboard.
  2. Create a Test project (if not already created).
  3. Navigate to the icon on the CleverTap dashboard to see how CleverTap can help achieve the required use cases using the available resources.

User Consent and Privacy

User consent and privacy are critical for marketers, particularly in light of evolving data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and obtain user consent for data collection and marketing activities.
  2. Review CleverTap's privacy and data protection policies to understand how user data is handled and stored.

Track Event and User Attributes

You must track the necessary events and user attributes for your use cases. The specific attributes you track in CleverTap vary depending on your business needs and the type of user data you want to capture. CleverTap provides a flexible platform to define and customize attributes based on your unique requirements.

The user and event attribute you track provides information about your users and their actions. User attributes are characteristics or properties associated with individual users, while event attributes capture specific details about user actions or events.

  1. Check with the Technical team on the data points you must send to CleverTap.
  2. Add your application developers to the TEST dashboard as admins so they can start with the integration.
  3. Share the Account Map sheet and the scope of the integration with the Technical team for them to start with the integration process.

Test Attributes

After the technical team completes integration in the Test Project, test for the user and event properties to ensure they are correctly raised with appropriate data types.

  1. Do an audit on the app based on the Audit Checklist.
  2. If the integration is successful, invite the Technical team to the Production Account of CleverTap so they can make the necessary changes on the dashboard and use the production credentials while going live.
  3. Authorize the launch of the Production Account.

Review Results

After the Technical team launches the CleverTap integrated platform on the live production project, measure and run the use cases defined in the Plan and Define Use Cases section above.

  1. Open a few profiles to check if the user properties and events are being passed correctly.
  2. Run campaigns and analyze the results as per the use cases defined.
  3. Review and compare overall KPI metrics. Repeat this process for all the use cases.