Mobile App View


The Mobile App dashboard provides various metrics related to app usage, user retention, engagement, and conversion across mobile platforms.

To get to this view, navigate to Boards > Mobile App.

This view shows:

  • Daily Active Users, Weekly Active Users, and Monthly Active Users represent users who have launched your application at least once the respective Daily, Weekly, and Monthly time period.
  • Daily Paying Users, Weekly Paying Users, and Monthly Paying Users represent users for whom you have raised the Charged event (or users qualifying as per the conversion event) at least once during the relevant time period.
  • Daily Revenue generated.
  • Daily Paying Users/Daily Active Users (DPU/DAU(%)) and Daily Paying Users/Monthly Active Users (DPU/MAU(%)) which measure the proportion of your active users who are making payments in your application (i.e., how good you are at converting users into paying users).
  • Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) which gives a sense of revenue earned on a daily basis per user from your application.
  • Average Revenue Per Daily Paying User (ARPDPU) which gives a sense of average daily revenue from a paying user in your application.
  • Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users(DAU/MAU(%)), also known as Sticky Quotient, which represents the percentage of your monthly active users who visit your application daily (i.e., how many of your active users are very active users).
  • Distribution by App Version

This view presents detailed metrics on:

  • 1, 3, and 7-day Retention, Engagement and Conversion percentages, reflecting the percentage of new users who return to your application, meaningfully engage with your application, and convert into paying (or another conversion metric you choose) users, respectively, during the first 1, 3 and 7 days after first use.

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