Web Push Stats

Understand all the statistical information available for your Web Push campaign

Viewing Web Push Campaign Stats

Once the campaign has been published, you can view the statistics from the dashboard. Click on Campaigns > select the specific campaign from the campaign list. A Stats page opens up where you can view the total Views, Clicks, Conversions, CTR, and Conversion Performance.


Web Push Campaign Stats

  • Sent: Represents the count of total Web Push notifications sent to the end-users.
  • Views: Represents the number of times a Web Push notification is viewed.
  • Clicks: Represents the number of times users have clicked on the Web Push notification.
  • CTR: Represents the ratio of Clicks to Views. (CTR = Clicks/Views * 100).
  • Trend charts: Represents trends of Sent, Viewed, and Clicked events for this campaign over a specific period of time (for example daily, weekly, monthly).


What are the timeouts and retry limits for Web Push Notifications?

The following are the timeout and retry limits for Web Push notifications:

ChannelTimeout (ConnectionRequest)Retry Limits
Chrome10 Seconds6
Firefox10 Seconds3
KaiOS10 Seconds3
Safari10 Seconds (Read and Connect), 30 Sec (Read)3

For more information, refer to the Channel-Specific Timeouts and Retries.