CleverTap supports sending SMS through Nexmo.

Sign up with Nexmo and then follow the steps below in the CleverTap Dashboard for successful integration.

Integration Steps

  • In the CleverTap Dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on Integrate SMS.
  • Select Nexmo.
  • In the API Key text box, fill in your API key from the Nexmo Dashboard.
  • In the API Secret text box, fill in the API secret value from the Nexmo Dashboard.
  • In the From Number text box, fill in either a Nexmo phone number, or a Shortcode.

You can enter phone numbers or short codes listed under the Nexmo dashboard β†’ Numbers β†’ Your Numbers.



CleverTap automatically detects if unicode characters are present in the SMS sent using Nexmo and encodes them using UTF-8. However, if no unicode characters are found in the message, it automatically switches to GSM-7 encoding. For more information about character set supported by Nexmo within each encoding, refer to the Nexmo article.