Campaign Approval Workflow

Learn about the campaign workflow management


Campaign Approval is a security feature that provides increased control over who can send campaigns within your organization.

Within your marketing team, you might have one person responsible for creating campaigns in CleverTap, and another who reviews and approves them before they can be published. The approver feature enables this workflow in CleverTap by requiring approval before a campaign is published. The campaign can be reviewed in the segment, time, and campaign copy.

As part of this feature, Approver, a new system role, has been introduced. Users in this role can approve campaigns created by users in the creator role. After enabling the Approver role for your account, a creator cannot publish a campaign unless the Approver approves it.


Add Campaign Approvers

How to Enable/Disable Campaign Approval Feature

To enable the Campaign Approval process, navigate to Settings > Security > Campaign Approval from the CleverTap dashboard. You can toggle ON/OF the Enable Campaign Approval on the Dashboard to enable or disable the feature.


Enable or Disable Campaign Approval Feature

Assign Approver Access to Users

After enabling the Campaign Approval feature, a new Approver role is also activated. You can assign this Approver role to a particular user.
One can also create custom roles with approver access basis the requirements to limit access to certain features for a particular user.



It is important to note that Admins are by default Approvers.

Campaign Approval Workflow

After enabling the Campaign Approver feature for your account, a new workflow is enabled to send campaigns. It involves the following steps:

  1. The creator creates a campaign in CleverTap.
  2. The creator requests approval to send the campaign. For this, an email is sent to the admin or approver (including any custom role with approver access) to review the campaign and decide whether or not to approve the campaign.
    The campaign is sent if the approver or admin approves the campaign. If the campaign is rejected, the campaign is not sent.



If campaigns are pending approval, and you disable the Campaign Approval feature, then those campaigns are approved automatically.


Q. What happens with rejected campaigns?

A. The campaign creators are notified about the rejected campaigns via email. They can edit and send the campaign for approval again.

Q. Where can creators check comments for campaign rejection?

A. Creators can check the comments in the campaign rejection email.

Q. Is it possible to edit a campaign that is submitted for approval?

A. Yes, the creator can edit and resend a submitted campaign for approval.