Learn more about IntelliNODE journeys and how A/B testing in journeys can help.


IntelliNODE is a powerful feature that allows you to experiment with and compare multiple journey variations within a single journey. It uses statistical analysis to help determine the winning journey and maximize your goal conversion.

With IntelliNODE, you can compare up to seven paths for a journey. You can try different message copies, creative calls to action, delivery times, channels, or any other combination to determine the best journey for goal conversion. A journey can have up to 5 IntelliNODEs. You can create up to 35 (7 paths * 5 IntelliNODEs) variants in a single journey, meaning you can run 35 experiments in a single journey.

A simple example can be engaging a user who has abandoned a cart item. You can send a push message on the app informing the customer about the abandoned cart item and then a reminder message on a different channel such as SMS, Email, or WhatsApp to nudge the user. Each channel may have a different reach and a different cost implication. Trying and comparing these different approaches can help determine the optimal way to reach the user.


Sample IntelliNODE Journey Flow

IntelliNODE Journey Video Tutorial

Discover the video tutorial for the IntelliNODE Journey.