Product Experiences NextGen

Understand how to elevate the user experience using the Product Experiences NextGen feature

With NextGen Product Experiences, you can change the behavior and appearance of your app remotely without an update. This helps you to deliver an In-App personalization experience to your app users and test their response. The feature comprises the following tools:

  • Remote Config: A smart solution that lets businesses customize, manage, and adjust their application or website from a distance. It requires minimal development effort and allows for changes in the app’s design, user experience, and workflow for all users or specific groups. With Remote Config, you can:
    • Easily roll out new features.
    • Modify call-to-action (CTA) text.
    • Adjust game difficulty levels.
    • Personalize other elements of the app for specific user segments.
  • Product A/B Tests: This feature enables you to experiment with different versions of your app's user interface or functionality. You can precisely measure results using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and seamlessly deploy the most successful version to your user base.


Refer to the following documents to understand CleverTap's new and enhanced Product Experiences feature: