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Understand how to engage with users outside the app via Google Ads

Remarketing with Google Ads is a great way to re-engage with users outside of your app or website via the Google Ads network.


Remarketing Example

Some users visit your app and view a pair of shoes called New shiny shoes. Based on your Google subscription plan, you can re-engage all users who viewed this product on Google channels such as Google search, Gmail, or Youtube. Now, when these users visit Google, they will see ads for your New shiny shoes product.

The Google Ads remarketing module under Campaigns on the CleverTap dashboard is easy to set up for all your users or distinct user segments. These segments can be created by past user behavior, user properties, or a combination of past user behavior and properties.



Before you begin, check that you have integrated your Google Ads account with your CleverTap account from Settings > Integration> Remarketing. For more information on integration, see Google Ads Integration

Google Adwords Remarketing Considerations

  • It takes up to 48 hours for an Audience list to be populated with members. It means that you will most likely see an In Progress status within the Adwords UI when you update an audience list.
  • Email addresses must be associated with a Google account.
  • Only addresses can be used for targeting in Gmail.
  • For privacy purposes, the user list size will show as zero on the Google Adwords platform until the list has at least 1,000 members. After that, the size will be rounded to the two most significant digits.
  • Google matches the email/phone according to the process mentioned here. This means the number of people uploaded may be less than the number of people actually shown on your Adwords account.

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