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Remarketing with Google Ads is a great way to re-engage with users outside of your app or website.


Remarketing Example

Some users visit your app and view a pair of shoes called New shiny shoes. You can re-engage all such users who viewed this product on all of Google channels such as Google search, Gmail, or Youtube based on your Google subscription plan. Now when these users visit Google, they will see ads for your New shiny shoes product.

The “Google Ads” remarketing module on the CleverTap dashboard (under “Campaigns”) is easy to set up for all your users or distinct user segments. These segments can be created by past user behavior, user properties, or a combination of past user behavior and properties.



Before you begin, check that you have integrated your Google Ads account with your CleverTap account from Settings>Integration>Remarketing. For more information on integration, see Google Ads Integration

Google Ads Campaign Creation

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

To create a Google Ads campaign, first navigate to 'Campaigns' tab in the CleverTap dashboard and then click on the + Campaign button.

Step 2: Select the Engagement channel

Click Google Ads.

Step 3: Select a Campaign Type

Select when the campaign must be delivered.

Past behavior campaigns can be scheduled to run:

  • On a specific date and time.
  • On multiple specified dates and times.
  • Recurring at the intervals that you can define.



If you specify a recurring day for a campaign, say the 7th of each month, then the campaign will start for the specified day and ignore the creation date. This is a precaution to avoid sending a campaign unintentionally on a prior date.

Step 4: Select the Segment

Select the users who will receive your remarketing campaign. You can select the target users based on past user behavior and/or user properties. You can also create an ad-hoc segment if the saved segments do not meet your requirements. These are the users who you can target for remarketing via Google.

Step 5: Add or Create Audience

You can either append an existing audience list or create an audience list. Select the user details such as Email or Phone that you want to upload to this list.

Add qualified users using CleverTap



Check that you have available CRM lists before adding users.

Create a new audience on Google using CleverTap

Step 6: Add a label

Add a label so that you can group this campaign with other similar campaigns.

Step 7: Review and Schedule Campaign

Check the overview and schedule the Google Ads for the segment of users.

Campaign Stats

When you have created some ads for this audience in Google ads ,you will be able to see the stats for the audience and filter for respective ads in CleverTap.
You can see the following stats

  • Impressions
  • Clicked
  • Amount Spent

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