Web Pop-up

Learn how you can leverage Web Push as a channel for engaging with your customers


Web pop-up messages are notifications that are displayed on desktop or mobile websites when a user is actively surfing a web page. CleverTap's Web Pop-up channel allows you to send quick alerts, offers, or how-to byte-sized content to your customers using the built-in web pop-up builder or your own custom HTML templates.

CleverTap offers two types of web pop-ups:

  • Simple web pop-up notifications: You can use these templates to create your notifications including a box notification, a banner notification, and an interstitial notification.
  • Exit intent notifications: These notifications are displayed before the user exits your site. These are only available for desktops. Read about web exit-intent pop-ups to learn more.



The prerequisite to set up web pop-up campaigns is to integrate your website with the CleverTap JavaScript plugin. For more information, refer to Web in the developer documentation.

The Web Pop-up feature makes it easy to set up web pop-up campaigns for all your users or specific user segments.

These segments are created based on either of the following ways:

  • User action on one of your web pages
  • User visiting one of your specific web pages
  • User visiting your website via any referral web page
  • Number of your web pages a user has visited so far in their session

After sending the campaign, you can view detailed reports on how many messages were sent, how many users converted as a result, and so on.