CleverTap supports sending SMS through Twilio.

Sign up with Twilio and then follow the steps below in the CleverTap Dashboard for a successful integration.

Integration Steps

  • In the CleverTap Dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on Integrate SMS.
  • Select Twilio.
  • In the Account SID text box, fill in your SID number from the Twilio Dashboard.
  • In the Auth Token text box, fill in the Auth Token value from the Twilio Dashboard.
  • In the From Number text box, fill in either a Twilio phone number in E.164 format, or a Short code..

You can enter phone numbers or short codes listed under the Twilio console → Manage-numbers → Active numbers section.

With a Twilio trial account, you can only send SMS messages to numbers you have registered on the Twilio dashboard.


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