Learn how you can leverage WhatsApp as a channel for engaging with your customers.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging channel that enables secure and trustworthy communications. The most attractive value WhatsApp provides is that it is advertisement and spam-free. WhatsApp allows businesses to communicate with their users more friendly and interactively.

CleverTap provides the capability to use WhatsApp as a channel to engage users in a reliable and secure way. Moreover, you can use CleverTap's conversations to chat with your users on WhatsApp.


Sample WhatsApp Conversation

WhatsApp as a Channel

WhatsApp messages have high reachability and readability rates due to its security and trustworthiness making it one of the most attractive channels of engagement for businesses.

A WhatsApp message can be configured and sent like any other campaign on CleverTap. After sending the campaign, you can measure the performance of that campaign. When a user responds to one of your messages, CleverTap gives you the capability to reply to the user directly from the dashboard.

Below are some use case scenarios:

  • Send real-time notifications to customers regarding delivery alerts and booking confirmations.
  • Send personalized recommendations about new products, offers, and services through rich media sharing.
  • Delight your customers with reminders about their upcoming bookings.
  • Enable your customer support team to respond to customer queries instantly.