WhatsApp Stats

Understand all the statistical information available for your WhatsApp campaign


Campaign stats for the WhatsApp channel in CleverTap provide valuable insights into the performance of your engagement campaigns. When you create a WhatsApp engagement campaign on the CleverTap dashboard, messaging API requests are generated by CleverTap for each qualified user based on the campaign setup. These messaging requests are then sent to your WhatsApp providers, following the agreed API contracts. CleverTap marks the messages as Sent if the requests are successfully accepted by the provider.

Once the messaging API requests are submitted to the providers, they forward them to WhatsApp, which handles the delivery of the messages to the end users.


Delivery to end user

The delivery process to the end users is managed by the WhatsApp service provider, and CleverTap does not have any control over this.

WhatsApp sends Delivered, Failed, Read, and Replies events to the providers when notifications are delivered and read by the end users. The providers, in turn, forward these DLR events to CleverTap through callback URLs, following the agreed callback formats. CleverTap receives these callbacks and registers the DLR events as notification delivered, notification viewed, notification replied, and uses these events to populate the campaign stats.

However, it's important to note that callback issues can lead to discrepancies in the campaign stats. If the callback URLs are misconfigured or experiencing technical problems, CleverTap may not receive the DLR events, resulting in fewer Delivered, Viewed, or Replied events being recorded than expected. It's important to ensure that the callback URLs are set up and functioning correctly.

Whatsapp Display Flow

Whatsapp Display Flow


CleverTap BSP

The callback configuration for CleverTap BSP is handled automatically and all campaign stats are recorded without any customer interference.

For more information about setting and testing your callback, refer to WhatsApp Providers.

View WhatsApp Campaign Stats

To view the statistics of your campaign, select the campaign from the campaign list page.

WhatsApp Stats

WhatsApp Stats

Campaign Filters

Search for a campaign by applying the required filters.

Campaign Filter

Campaign Filters

You can also filter by tags if you create a campaign through an API. For more information, refer to Create Campaign API. To view the stats by tag:

  1. Search for a campaign from the All Campaign page by api request (search by ) or server_api_messaging channel (search by identity).
  2. Click Apply.

You can track the overall performance of your WhatsApp messages using the following metrics:


Represents the number of messages dispatched successfully from a campaign.

WhatsApp Notifications are marked as Sent in CleverTap only if the notification/message API request is accepted by the customer's WhatsApp provider; else, the notifications are considered dispatch errors. The Sent event count in campaign stats explains the number of notifications successfully sent to WhatsApp providers.


Notification Success

The successful dispatch of a notification does not guarantee its delivery to the end users. Notifications can fail to reach the intended recipients due to various reasons, such as invalid templates, incorrect phone numbers, and other potential issues that may occur at the provider's or WhatsApp's end.


These are the number of messages delivered to the user's device from a campaign. The provider informs CleverTap when a message is delivered via callback URLs. After receiving these delivered callbacks, CleverTap marks these messages as Delivered.

CleverTap then displays the delivered count on the campaign stats. The message status callbacks must be configured correctly with your provider to transmit this information.

The following causes can impact the delivered stats:

  • Message status callback is not configured correctly.
  • Incorrect format for the callback from the provider.


These are the number of messages viewed from the user's device. WhatsApp's blue tick indicates that the message has been viewed. The provider informs CleverTap when a message is viewed via callback URLs, and then CleverTap marks these messages as Viewed. CleverTap displays the Viewed count on the basis of viewed callbacks in the campaign stats.

The following causes can impact the viewed stats:

  • Message status callback is not configured correctly.
  • Incorrect format for the callback from the provider.
  • The user has turned off read receipts.


These are the number of clicks from end-users on any URLs and CTAs included in your WhatsApp campaign.

To capture click data, CleverTap wraps campaign URLs within tracking URLs. When an end-user clicks on these wrapped links, CleverTap captures the click information before redirecting users to the intended URL.


Click Tracking Stats and Availability

  • If Click tracking is not enabled for any URL and CTA in the campaigns, it can impact the Clicked stats.
  • WhatsApp click tracking is available only for campaigns created using CleverTap's native WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP).
  • Click tracking and click related stats such as clicked count, and split of clicks are not supported if you are using an external provider.


This represents the number of replies received after sending a campaign. The incoming response from a user is attributed to the last WhatsApp notification sent by CleverTap to that particular user.

When an end user replies to a business, WhatsApp forwards the incoming message to the provider, and the provider, in turn, forwards the message to CleverTap via the incoming message callback URL. These incoming messages are captured as Notification replied event at CleverTap and attributed to the last campaign sent to a user from the CleverTap dashboard. The total number of replies received after the campaign is shown as Replied stats in the campaign.

The following causes can impact the replied stats:

  • The user has not received any previous WhatsApp campaigns from the CleverTap dashboard.
  • Message status callback is not configured correctly.
  • Incorrect format for the callback from the provider.

Converted Users

It represents the number of users who performed the conversion goal after receiving the WhatsApp campaign from CleverTap.

Control Group

These are the users who were excluded from the WhatsApp campaign to test the influence of the campaign. For more information, see Control Groups

Message Trend

Shows the daily, weekly, and monthly trends for WhatsApp campaign messages.

WhatsApp Message Trend

WhatsApp Message Trend

Conversion Performance

It shows the comparison of the conversion rates between users in the Control group (users who were excluded from the campaign) and the Target group (users who received the campaign). This enables you to evaluate the efficacy of your overall campaign performance.

Revenue Performance

Shows the boost in revenue and the incremental revenue from the campaign.

WhatsApp Revenue Performance

WhatsApp Revenue Performance

Users Conversion Funnel

The user conversion funnel for a WhatsApp campaign in CleverTap is a series of stages that users progress through, from campaign delivery to the desired action. It tracks the message Sent, Delivered, Viewed, and Converted stages to show the conversion performance and help marketers further optimize the campaign.

WhatsApp Users Conversion Funnel

WhatsApp Users Conversion Funnel

You can clear the Delivered and Viewed events from the conversion performance bars to see the focus on the conversion result of your campaign.

Split Of Clicks

CleverTap WhatsApp campaigns enable you to track the distribution of clicks on individual links. It offers insights into user engagement rates for different links included in your messages.

For example, if you are promoting an upcoming movie on your video streaming app, your WhatsApp campaign may include the movie trailer with a Watch Now CTA, as well as additional links for movie reviews and ratings. You can easily monitor and analyze the number of clicks received on each link by checking the split of clicks. This data can help you assess the effectiveness of specific links and make informed decisions to optimize your campaign performance.

WhatsApp click tracking

User Details of Clicks

You can view the details of users who clicked on your WhatsApp campaign using the View details of users who clicked link present on the Split of Clicks tab. You are redirected to the Events page. Click the People tab on this page to view the user details.

Campaign Stat Errors

CleverTap classifies campaign errors into two categories:

  • Dispatch errors
  • Delivery errors
Error Types

Error Types


Notification Clicked Not Supported

In the case of WhatsApp, CleverTap receives data points (such as Sent, Delivered, Viewed.) from Whatsapp as callbacks. However, WhatsApp does not support callbacks for Clicks for external providers. Therefore, the Notification Clicked event cannot be tracked and viewed under the Overall Stats tab for external providers.

Dispatch errors

Dispatch errors occur when there are failures or issues during the process of dispatching messages from CleverTap to the provider. These errors can include situations like request timeouts or API authentication failures.
Dispatch errors clarify the discrepancy between the number of qualified user count and the sent count.


Campaign Limits

Incase you apply campaign limits in campaign setup, dispatch errors will clarify the discrepancy between applied campaign limit and the sent count.

Delivery errors

These errors are raised when a notification is sent successfully from CleverTap but does not reach the intended recipient. These failures usually take place at the provider's end or at WhatsApp's end, and these failures are passed to CleverTap via DLR callback URL. These errors represent the difference between the Sent and Delivered message count.

For example, a notification is not delivered by the provider for some technical issue. In this case, the provider will notify CleverTap, and then we will display it as a delivery error.