Custom Dashboards


CleverTap provides a set of default dashboards, such as the Today View, which you can use to analyze user activity in your application. Custom Dashboards is a feature in CleverTap that allows you to create and customize your board.

Each custom dashboard you create is composed of cards, which are widgets you can pin to the board to track the metrics of your interest. You can pin cards that track events, funnels, segments, trends, cohorts, and pivots.

For example, if you want to track the following metrics for the last 30 days:

  • Number of users who performed Charged event
  • Number of users who performed App Launched and Charged events

You can create a custom dashboard and add cards to track the above metrics, as shown in the following figure. You can also pin those cards to the dashboard.


Custom Dashboard Overview

After you build your custom dashboard, you can also share the board with others in your organization.
Custom dashboards can have the following features: Boards and Cards.


This section provides information about different user operations on the boards. Users can view a list of all boards:

  • Created by them,
  • Shared with them, and
  • Public boards available for users in their organization.

List of Boards and Cards


Select the board from the All Boards page. You can perform the following actions on a particular board:

  • Sort

    You can sort the boards by the date on which the board was created and the person who created the board.
    You can do so by clicking the Arrow icon present under Created by and Created on columns.

Sort Boards

  • Search

    You can search the boards by board name or creator email. You can do so by entering the search criteria under the Search text box.

Search Boards

  • Mark As Favorite

    To mark a particular board as a favorite:
  1. Select the board from the Boards > All boards page.
  2. Click Mark As Favorite present at the top of the page.

Mark a Board as Favorite

The message Board marked as favorite successfully! displays at the top of the board page, and the board is now added to the Favorites section on the left navigation.


Favorite Boards

  • Change Date Range

    You can view the data for the different periods by changing the date range of all cards on the board.

View Cards based on Date Range

  • Refresh

    You can refresh the dashboard to view the most recent information by clicking Refresh present at the top of the page.

Refresh the Dashboard

  • Share

    CleverTap provides restricted dashboard access so that the owner of a dashboard can control the members who can view and contribute to the insights captured on the dashboard. The dashboard owner can add and remove members from the access list and can control access levels.

    To share a dashboard, perform the following steps:

  1. Create your custom dashboard.
  2. Click Share. The Share Board popup displays with restricted permissions by default. Use the search box to view and add users to this board.


Share Board

The Share option is only visible to the board's creator after they create the board.

  1. Select a user and click Send. An email is sent to the user with a link to the board.
    Select as many users as needed before clicking Send to add multiple users.

Share the Board


Change Default Board Permissions

You can change the default permissions by clicking the Change link on the Share Board and selecting the appropriate permission.


User Permissions to Access Boards

  • Clone

    This option is used when you want to track the same metrics with minor changes. Anyone who has access to your project can clone the board by clicking More and then selecting Clone from the list.

Clone a Board

  • Edit

    You can rename the board by clicking More and then selecting Edit from the list.

Edit a Board

  • Delete

    You can delete the boards you created by clicking More and then selecting Delete from the list.

Delete a Board

  • Edit User Permissions

    You can also edit the user's permissions to either Viewer (view-only access), Editor (view and edit access), or remove the user access user completely. To do so:
  1. Click Share and select the permission from the list next to the user name.
  2. Select Viewer or Editor. You can remove the user access by selecting Remove.
  3. Click Save.

Edit User Permissions

Board Limits

The following table describes a list of board limits:

Plan Type


Paid Plans (Enterprise/Business)

  • Each user can create up to 100 boards.
  • Users can pin up to 20 cards per board.
  • Users can share the board within the organization.


This section provides information about different user operations on the card. Select the board to view all the included cards.


You can perform the following actions on a particular card:

  • Pin a Card

    Users can pin Event details, Segments, Funnels, Cohorts, Trends, or Pivots to a particular card. Consider the example of pinning a card that shows information about a particular segment.



The steps listed below can also be followed to pin any chart that provides the Pin to board(s) option.

To pin a card:

  1. Navigate to Segment > Segments.
  2. Select a segment.
  3. Click the Pin icon to pin the report to an existing or new board.

Pin a Card on the Board

  1. Enter the Card name and select the board where you want to pin this card.

Pin a Segment to Custom Board


Other Analytics Features

The following steps can also be performed for Events, Funnels, Segments, Find People, and Trends.

  • Rename a Card

    You can change the card's name when you hover over any card on a board. To do so,
  1. Click the Edit icon and enter the new name.
  2. Click the Checkmark icon to save the changes.

Rename a Card

  • Refresh

    You can view the most recent data for a card by clicking the Refresh icon.

Refresh the Card to View Recent Data

  • Delete

    You can delete the card by clicking the Trash icon.

Delete a Card


Delete Cards Access

Only the creator of the board or the administrators can delete cards on public boards.

  • Resize

    You can resize the card by clicking the Resize icon.

Resize a Card

  • Move

    You can reorder the sequence of cards by clicking the Move icon.

Move a Card on Board

Build Your First Custom Dashboard

This section covers how to build a custom dashboard. Consider the example where you want to number of users who performed Charged event for the last month.

You can do so by:

  1. Creating a custom dashboard.
  2. Pinning the card for required metrics.

Create a New Board

To create a board:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Boards.
  2. Click + Board to create a new board.
  3. Enter your board name and click Create.

Pin a Card

When you create your new board, you start with an empty board. To track the metrics mentioned above:

  1. Click any of the sections within the empty board. For example, select Trends to track the users who charged last month.
Add and Pin a Card

Add and Pin a Card

  1. Select Charged event and select the required Date Range from the Events page.
  2. Click Pin icon .

Pin a Trend

  1. Enter the Card name and select an existing board or create a new board by selecting Pin to a new board.

Pin Event to Custom Board

  1. Click Pin to view the metrics on the custom dashboard whenever required.

Pin your First Card

Access Control

The action that a user can perform on the dashboard may vary depending on the type of their access, as shown in the following table:

Create a boardYesYesYes, can create a private board
Delete their boardYesYesYes
Pin a card to their boardYesYesYes
Pin a card to any public boardYesYesNo
Delete a pinned card from their boardYesNoNo
Delete any pinned cards from any public boardsYesNoNo