Understand how to set up WhatsApp as a channel for your marketing campaigns


CleverTap is an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider and allows its customers to get access to WhatsApp business API within a few clicks.

WhatsApp as a channel helps businesses to communicate with their customers effectively and efficiently. WhatsApp channel is available as a paid add-on in CleverTap.

To enable WhatsApp as a communication channel for your organization, you need to raise a request on [email protected].

CleverTap's customer success team then helps in creating a WhatsApp Business Account that will enable you to use WhatsApp as an engagement channel.

If you want to access WhatsApp Business API directly via CleverTap, refer to this detailed integration document.

Alternatively, if you already have a Nexmo, Gupshup, Valuefirst, or Exotel account, you can plug in the details by navigating to Account > Settings > Engage > Channels > WhatsApp> +Provider.

Opt-in Users into WhatsApp

Most people do not like receiving unsolicited messages on WhatsApp. Therefore, it is important for you to explicitly request permission before sending messages to your users on their WhatsApp account.

By default, CleverTap keeps all the profiles opted out of WhatsApp. To opt-in profiles, update the profile using the following code:


You have the following two ways to opt-in users for WhatsApp:

Message Templates in WhatsApp

WhatsApp restricts brand-initiated messages (the messages that you send via campaigns) to pre-approved templates. You can fill in the variables in the templates to personalize a message.

For example:

Hello {{1}}, Congratulations on your ticket booking. Here is your ticket number: {{2}}. Please ensure you visit us on {{3}}. Enjoy your experience.

The variables {{1}} or {{2}} or {{3}} can be replaced by a text of your choice. You can use CleverTap's event and profile personalization to personalize the message for your audience.

To set up a message template, follow the steps listed under Sending Message Templates documentation on Facebook.

Configure Message Templates

All your message templates must be approved by WhatsApp. At CleverTap, we help you with the verification. For more information on how to create message templates, refer to the Creating Message Templates documentation by Facebook.

The media message templates allow you to expand the content you can send to the recipients beyond the standard messages. The template is organized primarily into four sections - Header, Body, Footer, and Buttons.

Using this template, you can attach media files (image, video, document, location) within the Header along with the message body.

Additionally, WhatsApp also allows marketers to include CTAs or Quick Reply buttons in the text or media message templates for making the conversations more interactive.

  • Call-to-Action (CTAs) — Enables the customer to make a phone call or visit a website.
  • Quick Reply — Allows your customer to respond with a simple text message.

Once your interactive message templates have been created and approved, you can use them in notification messages as well as customer service/care messages.

The images below represent different templates that marketers can create for engaging their customers effectively.


After your templates are verified, you can add them in the WhatsApp settings under the Templates tab.

To use WhatsApp with CleverTap, it is important to copy the templates accurately in the settings by performing the following steps:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Account > Settings > Engage > Channels > WhatsApp.
  2. Click one of the Provider names.
  1. Navigate to the Templates tab.
  2. Click + Template .
  1. Now, enter the Namespace for your template.


Namespace Format

When copying the message templates from the WABA dashboard, use the following format for the namespace: <template_namespace>:<template_name>. You can find the Namespace value from the Message templates section on the WABA dashboard as shown in the image below:


Following is an example of Namespace format

  1. Copy and save the approved message templates from your WABA dashboard.
  1. Click Save Template to save the message template.


Language Support

  • For Vonage (Nexmo), if you don't find the required language support on the CleverTap dashboard, contact our support team to enable the required language for your account.
  • Gupshup supports and handles all languages automatically, hence you do not need to add them on the CleverTap dashboard.