Post Action Webhooks

Learn how to send campaign data with Post Action Webhooks.


A post action webhook is used to trigger a payload to your specified endpoint after sending a push notification.



Contact our sales team at [email protected] to enable post action webhooks for your organization.

Use Case

You may want exact copies of all messages sent to each user and the message statuses as input to your recommendation engine. This can be solved by using a post action webhook.

You can enable the post action webhook during campaign creation under the Setup section.


Post Action Webhook

After the configuration is enabled, the webhook endpoint is listed in the Setup section. Select the required webhook endpoint from the list.


Select the Webhook Endpoint

Refer to the Webhook Setup guide to learn more about Webhook configuration,

Send Data

You can stream all the message-level data from a push campaign on your server by using a post action webhook.

Following is the sample payload structure for push data:

  "targetId": 1628144342,
  "profiles": [
      "identity": "6425",
      "all_identities": [
        "[email protected]",
      "objectId": "-gdf3d1d914a65406a862bac176fb279f1",
      "payload": {
        "title": "Welcome to Acme!",
        "body": "Click here to register for the next event.",
        "kvs": {
          "wzrk_cid": "ChannelID",
          "wzrk_bi": "2",
          "wzrk_bc": "",
          "wzrk_ttl_s": 86400,
          "wzrk_ttl": 24,
          "wzrk_acct_id": "WZZ-ZZZ-ZZZZ"

Following are the key types in the payload:

wzrk_cidStringRefers to Channel ID.
wzrk_biStringKeys Badge icon in push notifications.
wzrk_bcStringKey refers to badge count.
wzrk_ttl_sIntegerTime to live in seconds.
wzrk_ttlIntegerTime to live of notification.
wzrk_acct_idStringCleverTap account ID
wzrk_pnN/AIf present, this notification is sent from CleverTap.
wzrk_idstringOpen rate tracking ID (can be empty or it may not be present).
wzrk_bpstringIf present, the value will be a URL of an image displayed in the notification.
wzrk_soundboolean or stringIf present, it signifies that the default or custom Android notification sound must be played.
ntstringNotification Title. If absent or empty falls back to the app name.
nmstringNotification Body. If absent or empty, ignore this notification.
wzrk_dlstringIf present, this is a deep link that must be followed at the time of notification open.
wzrk_dN/AIf present, ignore this notification.
icostringIf present and not empty, it contains the URL of an image, that must be used as the small notification icon.
wzrk_pivotstringIf present and not empty, it contains the URL of an image. It signifies the type of variant in A/B campaigns.
wzrk_rnvstringIf present and not empty, it will raise Push Impressions event.
wzrk_nmsstringIf present and not empty, it contains the summary text to be displayed along with the image.
wzrk_ststringIf present and not empty, it contains the subtitle text which is displayed next to the App name.
wzrk_clrstringIf present and not empty, it contains the Hex value of the color to be applied on the small icon (and app name for Android Pie and below)

The post action webhook can collect data only after the successful delivery of push messages.