Monitor specific events.


CleverTap webhooks enable you to pass user information basis on specific business workflows to any third-party endpoint.

For example, when a high-value transaction is abandoned on your e-commerce website, you can send details about the abandoned products and user details via a webhook campaign to your operations center.

There are six categories of webhooks that you can create. The table below describes each of those categories.

Single actionUser performed an action.User launched the app.
ActionsUser performed multiple actions.User launched the app and viewed a notification.
Inaction within timeUser performed an action, but does not perform another action within a certain time.User has not launched the app in three days.
InactionUsers performed an action, but did not perform another action.User launched the app, but did not view a notification.
Date time propertyPeriod of time after a date time property on a user event.User purchased an item and three days have passed.
Actions with user propertiesPerformed an action or not, filtered by their demographic properties.User purchased an item and lives in Canada.


Q. What are the timeouts and retry limits for Webhook?

A. The timeout for Webhook is 5 seconds with a retry limit of 2 times.

For more information, refer to the Channel-Specific Timeouts and Retries.