Journey Overview

Understand how to engage users through Journeys.


Journeys lets you create an automated omnichannel messaging experience for your users using a visual campaign builder. It consists of a series of engagement channels, each engaging the user with the most relevant content at the right moment, resulting in the desired conversion. A CleverTap Journey can engage users at every stage throughout their lifecycle in the app. You can also personalize the Journey based on user and event data.

Journey Overview Video Tutorial

Discover the video tutorial for the Journey overview and a sample use case.

Watch the Creating a Sample Journey using CleverTap video for details on building the sample use case Journey.

When Can You Send a Journey?

A Journey can be delivered at any stage of the user's app lifecycle. For example:

  • User Onboarding: Build an onboarding Journey that engages users over several days or weeks and on different channels to educate them about your app's unique features.
  • User Re-engagement: Build a long-running re-engagement Journey to pull users back if they begin to slip away.
  • User Transaction: Build a promotional Journey to entice active users to re-purchase or transact at different times.

Advantages of Journey

CleverTap Journey provides the following advantages:

  • Automates and enhances the user engagement experiences within the app.
  • Delivers personalized and omnichannel messaging experiences
  • Increases user retention
  • Experimentation using IntelliNODE

Prerequisites to Create a Journey

You must first understand the use case you are trying to solve using a Journey. Based on this, you will plan your Journey creation.

Consider a scenario where a segment of users visit your app and view certain products frequently. However, they are indecisive about buying the product. They are most likely still evaluating the product or looking for more exciting offers. To solve this sample use case, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • Determine your use case: Create a Journey that delivers real-time offers to entice on-the-fence shoppers to buy the product.
  • Define the goal: On-the-fence shoppers make a purchase.
  • Identify your target segment: Analyze and track all users viewing a product frequently. For example, fetch users whose event property is Product Viewed and the view count is more than five times.
  • Identify the offer/promotion: Determine the specific discount, benefit, or promotion you want to give shoppers. For example, it could be a percentage discount, a gift, an extended trial period, or exclusive access to certain features.
  • Identify the engagement channels: Determine the various engagement channels through which users will engage with the app. For example, Push, In-App, Email, and so on.
  • Identify the duration of your Journey: Decide on the duration of the offer. Ensure the time frame is reasonable enough to entice the user to buy the product.
  • Visualize the Journey path: Visualize the logical flow of users' journey paths depending on their actions. For example, the users move along different paths based on their actions:
    • Path A: Users who viewed the product more than five times.
    • Path B: Users who viewed the product more than ten times.

Now that you have outlined your Journey requirement, you can start creating the Journey.

Before building a Journey on the CleverTap Dashboard, ensure you understand the Journey Concepts.

High-Level Steps to Create a Journey

On the CleverTap dashboard, click Journeys under the MESSAGES section on the left pane. Journey creation includes the following high-level steps:

Setting Up a JourneySpecify the following details and criteria to set up a Journey:
- Journey name
- Type of user behavior to qualify user entry into a Journey
- Date and time when the users can qualify for the Journey
- Do not disturb and timezone preference
- Control group
- Journey timeout
Define GoalsDefine the goal of the Journey. A goal is the desired action you want a selection of users to achieve on your app as they move along a Journey. For example, perform a purchase, subscribe, launch, or register on the app, and so on.
Define Entry SegmentDefine your target users for the Journey based on their past behavior or live action. For example, target users who have just installed an app to increase user registrations.
Define Journey Path Define various Journey paths based on the specified goal and entry criteria. It orchestrates the path users can follow based on their actions on each engagement node.
Personalize the Journey ContentUse CleverTap's personalization capabilities, such as Recommendations, Linked Content, and Liquid Tags, to customize the Journey for specific users. You can send dynamic and real-time recommendations to users based on user behavior.
Publish a JourneySave and publish the Journey.
Monitor the JourneyMonitor its performance using Journey stats.

Create a Sample Journey Video Tutorial

Discover the video tutorial for creating a sample Journey using CleverTap.

Additional References

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