Understand how to engage users through Journeys.


A Journey is a visual campaign builder that lets you create omnichannel messaging experiences for your users. Journeys are ideal for engaging users across the lifecycle of your app.
All journeys created have a Journey ID associated with them. The journey ID is available on the Journey Listings page, next to the name of the Journey.

To list a few sample use cases:

  • Build user onboarding journeys that engage users over several days or weeks and on different channels as you educate them about your service.
  • Build promotional journeys to entice your users to transact at different points in time.
  • Long-running re-engagement campaigns to pull users back if they begin to slip away.

Journeys have three steps:

Define a Goal

Here, you create a goal for your user journey. This is essentially the desired action for a selection of users on your platform. For more information, refer to Define Goals.

You may create Journey goals like:

  • User Registrations
  • User Transaction
  • User Re-Engagement

Define Entry

You want to check for certain user behavior to enable their entry to a journey.
For example:

  • Track new app installs to achieve the goal of customer registrations.
  • Track type of usage on the platform to achieve the goal of enticing customers to transact.
  • Track non-usage of the platform through events like uninstalls/account deletion/frequent guest use to achieve the goal of pulling users back to the platform. For more information refer to Define Entry Criteria

Define User Path

Based on the intended goal and entry, you may define various user paths for a customer journey.
For example:

  • Goal: User Re-Engagement.
  • Entry: Users who haven't used the platform for over 2 months.
    . Path1: Users who uninstalled the app more than 2 months ago.
    . Path2: Users who have the app installed but have not used it in over 2 months.

You can access Journeys under the Messages section of your CleverTap Dashboard. Click the Journeys link in the left pane in your CleverTap Dashboard.

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