Understand how to set up mParticle for sending event data to mParticle dashboard

This process involves adding mParticle details to the CleverTap dashboard. To add the details to the CleverTap dashboard:
a. Log in to your CleverTap account.
b. Navigate to Settings > Partners > Exports.


View mParticle on Partners Page

c. Click the mParticle icon under the Unconnected partners section. The MParticle page is displayed.
d. Enter the mParticle details.


Enter mParticle Credentials

e. Click Save credentials. On clicking, the message "Credentials Saved" is displayed.


Save mParticle Credentials

You can click Create Campaign to set up a new data export or click Cancel to return to the MParticle page.
mParticle is now displayed under Connected partners when you navigate to Settings > Partners > Exports.


Connected Partners-mParticle

What’s Next

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