Content Manager Files

Learn how to use images in CleverTap Content Manager.


Marketing materials use image files extensively. You can save and reuse the image assets in the Files section. The Files section provides a centralized way of storing, uploading, deleting, and organizing files.

Navigate to Content > Content Manager > Messaging Channel > Files. The Files window opens.

Files Editor

Files Editor

You can select the card view or the list view. The Files editor offers multiple options:

  • Select Views: Switch between list and card view for the image files.
  • Search Files: Search an image by its name.
  • Sort: Sort by template name, created date, and last modified date.
  • Multi-Select: Select multiple files by clicking the Selection mode button.
  • Bulk Delete: Select multiple files and click the delete icon.


Image Deletion

An image deleted from the image gallery will not affect the images in a running campaign.

Upload Files

Upload image files to use later in your messaging.

  1. Navigate to Content > Content Manager > Messaging Channel > Files.
  2. Drag and drop the files in the editor. OR
  3. You can also click Upload Files and select the files to upload.

File Specifications

Listed below are the file specifications you must remember before uploading the files.

File TypeFile Format SupportedMaximum Size
Image.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .webp, .gif1 MB
Video.mp450 MB
Document.pdf2 MB

File Operations

You can click the ellipsis from the content card for additional actions to manage files.

File Options

Files Options

You can select from the following options:

  • Copy link: Click to copy the file link.
  • Rename: Click to change the name of the file.
  • Delete: Click to delete the file. A file deleted from the File section will not affect the files in a running campaign.

Filter Files

You can filter from the saved files to find the required file quickly. To filter the files:

  1. Navigate to Content > Content Manager > Messaging Channel > Files.
  2. Click Filters button.

You can filter files with the following:

  • Time Period: Search by the time period when the file was created.
  • Type: Search by the file type.
  • Labels: Search the file by the assigned label.
  • Created by: Search by the person who created the file.


What is the maximum upload limit for files at an account level in CleverTap?

Currently, there is no limit on the total number of files that can be uploaded to a CleverTap account.