Find People


The Find People View lets you segment your users by actions taken, actions not taken, or user profile properties that match a set of criteria you’ve defined.


Find People


Search Users by Identity

You can search for specific users using the following identities:

  • Email
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Identity
  • CleverTap ID

These identities can be configured in the Settings > User Identity page on the CleverTap dashboard during the initial onboarding.

You can view detailed engagement statistics, demographic, device, and location information for those users. Inside your user segments, you can drill down into individual user profiles to see their detailed user profile and activity data.


Save Segment

You can also can run targeted push, in-app, email, and web campaigns for these user segments from the Find People view.

Download Users

The Find People page allows you to export the users in the CSV format from any segment that you have created. To do so:

  1. Add the required criteria to filter out the segment for which you may want to export the users and click View Details.
  2. Click the Download icon under the Reachability section.
  1. Select the required fields and click Proceed.


Mismatch in Segment Size and Number of Users Exported to CSV File

The number of users displayed under the Segment size and reachability section may vary from the number of users exported to the CSV file. This variation is due to the inclusion of blacklisted users under the Segment size and reachability section.

Sample Profiles

Enter the segment search details and click the View details button. The sample profiles appear at the bottom of the result page.

Click any sample user to view the user details. You can see the following:

Profile Details


View Profile Details

Activity Details


View Activity Details

Engagement Details


View Engagement Details