Send Test Personalization

Learn how to send personalized test email campaigns from the CleverTap dashboard.


In modern marketing, creating personalized campaigns is crucial for connecting with audiences. The Send Test Personalization feature streamlines this by enabling marketing teams to test campaigns with personalized values, ensuring a seamless display of tailored content. This empowers marketers to scrutinize individualized elements within the message with precision.

For example, if your campaign includes customized promotions, event details, or tailored offers, this feature helps you test and preview the seamless functionality of these personalized elements with an internal audience before sending it to your customers.

You can send test campaigns with personalized values using the Preview & Test option from the campaign page.

Preview & Test Popup

Preview & Test Popup

Ways to Send Personalized Test Message

CleverTap provides the following three ways to select the users to send a personalized test message:

Select a Profile from the Test Profiles

Select a Profile from the Test Profiles

  • Search and Add from All Profiles: In this case, you can select the email address, CleverTap ID, or identity of the profiles that are already present on your dashboard and send them a test message.
Search and Add from All Profiles on the CleverTap Dashboard

Search and Add from All Profiles on the CleverTap Dashboard

  • Email Address: In this case, you can manually enter the email address of the profiles to which you want to send a test message.
Manually Add Email Address

Manually Add Email Address

After configuring all the required fields, you can preview the campaign with personalized values for the selected user profile before sending. If you select multiple profiles for sending test messages, you can select the user from the dropdown under the Preview section on the right to preview the message for that user.

Select User Profile to Preview Campaign with Personalized Values

Select User Profile to Preview Campaign with Personalized Values



  • You can add a maximum of 20 profiles in total for sending test messages using the following options: Select From Test Profiles and Search and Add from All Profiles.
  • The profiles entered in the Email Address field will receive the default values except for Linked Content personalization.
  • The Inbox Previews and Spam Reports will use default values.

Send Test with Event Personalization

Consider a scenario where your message includes event personalization, that is, you want to send a personalized value for the event properties in your message. You can only use the event properties of the triggering event you selected in the WHO section.

For sending test messages using selected profiles, CleverTap introduces Event Personalization features. There are two options for event personalization:

  • Default property: This option allows the utilization of default values established in the campaign content. You can also modify the default value exclusively for the test message.
  • Sample Property: The top 20 event property values associated with the same event that occurred within the last five days are listed under the Event Personalization section. You can select from the list or add the value that you want to send in your test message.

The value that you select here will be sent to all the selected profiles.

For example, if you are a subscription platform and you want to send a reminder campaign to your subscribers to resume watching the series from where they left off. Here, the event will be Video Watched, and the event property will be Series Name.

Event Personalization Example

Event Personalization Example

Send Test Response

You can view the response details as soon as you send the test message. To do so, click Send Test from the Preview & Test popup. The Send Test Response window opens, where all the response details are classified into the following categories. Click the + sign against each user to view all the details (refer to the following image):

  • Details of the message sent successfully
  • General Errors, if any
  • Linked Content Response: You can copy the responses by clicking the icon against the respective response.
  • Liquid Tags Error, if any
Send Test Reponse

Send Test Response Per User

This ensures a thorough examination of the test response, offering valuable insights into the success and potential errors associated with the sent test messages.