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The Uninstall dashboard presents data on the number of users uninstalling your app, the number of new activations (first-time app launches), and the net number of new installs (new installs and total uninstalls for specific date ranges).

For more information, refer to Uninstall Tracking.

To get to the uninstall view, navigate to Boards > Uninstall.


Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider:

  • You must explicitly enable Uninstall detection feature from your dashboard.
  • Uninstall detection is only available for iOS and Android apps.
  • Uninstall data is not available for Windows apps.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Q. Why are most of my uninstalls tracked between 2 AM and 4 AM?

CleverTap runs a daily task at 2 AM (local time) to detect the number of uninstalls. You can account for this time to create campaigns and journeys to retain these users.

Updated 2 months ago

Uninstalls View

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