mParticle Export

Customer Data Platform


mParticle is a customer data platform that manages data quality and drives better customer interactions. Integrating CleverTap with mParticle allows you to export your CleverTap event data to your mParticle dashboard. You can use this event data for further analysis.

Integrate mParticle with CleverTap

This process involves the following two steps:

  1. Find mParticle Project Details.
  2. Configure CleverTap Dashboard.

Find mParticle Project Details

To find your project details:

  1. Log in to your mParticle account.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Inputs > Feeds.
  3. Click Add Feed Input and select CleverTap from the dropdown list. The Input: Feed Configuration popup opens.

Click Add Feed Input

  1. Enter the Configuration Name and turn ON the Feed Status toggle.

Enter Configuration Name and Toggle ON Feed Status

  1. Click Save. The Server to Server Key and Server to Server Secret are displayed.

Copy Project Details

  1. Copy the project details. You will need them when configuring the CleverTap dashboard.

Configure CleverTap Dashboard

To configure the CleverTap dashboard:

  1. Log in to your CleverTap account and navigate to the Settings > Partners page.

Navigating to Partners Page

  1. Hover on the mParticle icon and click Integrate.

Integrate mParticle

On clicking, Integrate raw data partner - mParticle popup opens on the right side of the screen.

  1. Enter the following details and click Integrate.
Partner NicknameEnter the Nickname for your integration.
API key and API secretThese are the unique codes passed to mParticle to verify your credentials. For more information about obtaining the key, refer to Find mParticle Project Details.
Customer ID MappingThis is used as an identifier when sending event data to mParticle.

Enter mParticle Project Details to Integrate

After successful integration, the Integrated tag displays against mParticle on the Partner List page.


mParticle Integration Successful

Create New Export

To create a new export:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Partners > Exports from the CleverTap dashboard.
  2. Click + Export and select mParticle from the Partners list.

Create Export

On clicking, the Export to mParticle pop-up displays on the right side of the screen.


Enter Export Details

  1. Configure the following settings:
    • Type: Select the type of data that you want to export from the available options. For more information, refer to Export Details.
    • Frequency: Select from one of the following options:
      • Once only: A single export for the selected export type. You can export data up to the last 60 days. You create an export for a specific day, date range, previous month, current month, and more.
      • Recurring: Set up a recurring frequency to export all the new events/user properties captured in the last window. You can export event data as frequently as every 4 hours and up to once every 24 hours. You can export user properties only once every 24 hours.
  2. Click Export. The popup closes, and the following message displays at the top of the Exports page:

mParticle Export Initiated

CleverTap processes the export, and you can now see the newly-created export for mParticle.


New mParticle Export Displays on Exports Page

The status for each export is displayed as Pending as soon as the export is created. The status changes to Running after the processing starts. And, it changes to Done when the export is complete.

Stop Export

You can also stop the export that you have created. To do so, click the Stop export icon for the export request you want to stop and then click Stop to confirm your action.


Stop mParticle Export

You are navigated back to the Exports page, and the mParticle data export stopped message displays at the top. The status for the data export now displays as Stopped.


mParticle Export Stopped

Edit an Export

You might need to modify an export to meet specific business requirements or while waiting for the next run. This section describes editing a Live Data Streaming and Recurring export in the Running and Pending (awaiting next run) state.


Points to Remember

  • In case of running exports, the new changes will apply to the next run.
  • You cannot edit a One-time export, regardless its status (running, pending, completed, or stopped).
  • You cannot change the export from User Profile to Event and vice-versa.
  • You cannot modify exports marked as Completed or Stopped.
  • Export changes for Live DataStreaming take 10-15 minutes to take effect.

To edit an export:

  1. On the CleverTap dashboard, go to Partners > Exports.
Ellipsis Icon to Edit the Export

Ellipsis Icon to Edit the Export

  1. Click the Ellipsis icon. The Edit and the Stop buttons appear.
Click the Edit Export Icon

Click the Edit Export Icon

  1. Click the Edit button. The Overview section appears.
Edit the Export

Edit the Export

  1. Edit the export details and click Update.

Export Details

Select from one of the following options to export events from CleverTap to the mParticle dashboard:

All Events

When you select this option, the following defined system events are exported:

CleverTap Event NameEvent Description
Notification SentThe event is tracked when the notification is successfully sent from CleverTap to the communication channel you select for your campaign.
Notification ViewedThis event is tracked when a user views an email, in-app notification, or a web notification sent from CleverTap.
Notification ClickedThis event is tracked only when a user clicks on a notification sent via CleverTap.Recorded when a user clicks on a mobile push, in-app, email, web-popup, or web push message sent via the CleverTap dashboard or through the campaign API.
Push ImpressionsThis event is tracked when a Push notification sent from CleverTap is delivered on a user’s device.
Notification RepliedThis event is recorded when a user replies to a WhatsApp message.
Control GroupThe event raised when a campaign is activated with a Control group.
Channel UnsubscribedThe event raised when a user Unsubscribes to receive further communication through a channel
Push ImpressionsThis event is tracked when a push notification sent from CleverTap is delivered on a user’s device. The funnels on the Push campaign statistics page reflect the count for this event.
AB Experiment StoppedThis event is recorded when AB experiment is stopped.
AB Experiment Rolled OutThis event is recorded when AB experiment is started
AB Experiment DisqualifiedThis event is raised when the device is disqualified.
Geocluster EnteredThis event is recorded to mark when a device enters a geofence.
Geocluster ExitedThis event is recorded to mark when a device exits a geofence.
Reply SentThis event is recorded when an agent (CleverTap user) replies to a message from the end-user.
App Version ChangedThis event is raised when a user’s current app version is different from the user’s previous app version.
App LaunchedThis event is recorded every time a user launches your application.
App InstalledThe event is raised when the user launches the app for the first time.
App UninstalledThis event is recorded when a user uninstalls your application.
UTM VisitedThis event is tracked when a user clicks on a link from a marketing campaign that has a UTM parameter defined on it.

For more information about these events, refer to Events.

Selected Events

With this option, you can select the specific system events (from those listed in the above table) that you want to export from CleverTap to the mParticle dashboard.

Engagement Events

When you select this option, the following engagement events are exported:

  • Notification Sent
  • Notification Viewed
  • Notification Clicked
  • Push Impressions
  • Notification Replied
  • Control Group
  • Channel Unsubscribed
  • Push Impressions
  • Notification Delivered
  • AB Experiment Rendered
  • AB Experiment Stopped
  • AB Experiment Rolled Out
  • Geocluster Entered
  • Geocluster Exited
  • Reply Sent
  • App Uninstalled
  • Webhook Delivered
  • State Transitioned
  • UTM Visited

For more information about these events, refer to Events.

User Properties

When you select this option, the following user profile attributes are exported:

NameIndicates the name of the user.
GenderIndicates the gender of the user.
DOBIndicates the date of the birth of the user.
All communication preferenceFlags that determine the communication preference of the user.