WhatsApp: Troubleshooting & FAQs

This page covers the FAQs for WhatsApp channel

Is there a specific aspect ratio for media files in the WhatsApp campaign?

A. No. You can use any aspect ratio to send media files on WhatsApp. The media files are resized dynamically.

What are the timeouts and retry limits for WhatsApp?

A. The following are the timeout and retry limits for WhatsApp:

ChannelTimeout (ConnectionRequest)Retry Times
CleverTapNot applicable4
GenericNot applicableNot applicable
GupshupNot applicableNot applicable
NexmoNot applicableNot applicable

For more information, refer to the Channel-Specific Timeouts and Retries.

Why do I encounter a 404 error when I open shortened links?

A. The shortened URLs from the WhatsApp campaign expire seven days after the campaign was sent. If the user opens these links after the expiration date, they are redirected to a 404 page.