Define Goals

Understand how to define journey goals on the canvas.


By defining a goal, you can decide when a user can exit the Journey path. It helps you to compare a Journey’s effectiveness against a Control Group. For example, your goal could be to increase user registrations on your platform or want existing users to use your platform more frequently.

To define a goal, you can drag and drop any segment from the left-hand side palette and add it as a goal for your Journey. A Journey can support up to three goals, and a user exits from the journey upon completing any of the goals.


Define a Journey Goal

Types of Goals

  • Action-based goals: In this goal, users will exit your Journey as soon as they perform a goal, in real-time. For example, exit people as soon as they perform the Charged event, where item is Red Nike Shoes.
  • Past behavior goals: Past behavior goals, like segments, are evaluated once every twenty-four hours, at 12:00 am. Once the goal is evaluated, users who meet this goal will not be a part of the Journey from that day onward. For example, exit people if they have spent at least $300 in the past week.