How to Write Effective Prompts for Scribe

Learn how to write effective prompts for Scribe

You can optimize the message content Scribe generated with effective text prompts. It communicates with the OpenAI APIs to provide you with good suggestions. This section provides a few examples as well as best practices.

What are Prompts?

A prompt is a short sentence, phrase, or keyword that instructs Scribe to use the OpenAI APIs to generate copywriting ideas. This section provides examples of writing effective prompts to get the best out of Scribe.

Prompt Examples

For more information on sample syntaxes to write the prompts, refer to the Sample Syntaxes for Writing Prompts document.

Best Practices

Following are some best practices you must follow while writing prompts for Scribe.

  • Use the right keywords.
  • Write concise and clear prompts.
  • Provide clear context.
  • Avoid using profanity in the prompt.

What’s Next