Journey Operations

Understand how to perform various operations for your journey.

Manage Journeys

  1. Select Journeys
    This takes you to the Journey Listing page.
  2. Select a journey's checkbox to manage its functioning.

This activates the Action Buttons, displayed on the top left
The buttons are:

  • Pause and ResumePause_ResumePause_Resume
    Pause temporarily halts the qualification of new users in the Journey. Users already in the journey will continue traveling through the journey or receiving messages.
    You can select more than 1 Journey to pause or resume them altogether.

  • StopStopStop

Stop completely halts the journey. It stops:

  • qualification of new users
  • movement of users within the journey
  • delivery of campaigns.

Restarting a stopped journey is not possible. You can select more than 1 Journey to stop them together.

There are more actions available fromEllipsisEllipsis
These are:

  • Clone
    Clone enables you to copy and create a new journey. You may use the cloned journey to create an edited version from the base cloned version.
  • Edit
    Edit enables you to edit the journey to tweak for any enhancements.