Learn how to set up Amazon Eventbridge to send event data to Amazon service

Integrate EventBridge with CleverTap

This process involves the following three steps:

  1. Find Amazon EventBridge Event Source Details.
  2. Configure CleverTap Event Source.
  3. Associate Event Source with Designated Event Bus in AWS Console.

Find Amazon EventBridge Event Source Details

To find the event source details:

  1. Navigate to Amazon EventBridge Partners from the Amazon EventBridge dashboard.
  2. Click Set up under the CleverTap partner listing. The Set up event source page opens.
  3. Click Copy to copy your AWS account number to your clipboard and save it. You will require these details for configuring the CleverTap dashboard.

Configure CleverTap Event Source

To configure CleverTap Event Source:

  1. Log in to your CleverTap account and navigate to the Settings > Partners page.

View Amazon EventBridge on Partners Page

  1. Hover on the Amazon EventBridge icon and click Integrate. The Integrate raw data partner - Amazon EventBridge popup opens on the right side of the screen.

Click Integrate in Partner List Tab

  1. Enter the following Amazon service details and click Integrate:



Partner Nickname

Enter the Nickname for your integration.

AWS Account ID

RegionThe AWS account region. The events are sent to the selected region.

Configure Amazon Service Details

After successful integration, the Integrated tag displays against Amazon EventBridge on the Partners List page.


View Integrated Tag

Associate Event Source with Designated Event Bus in AWS Console

To establish an event connection to Amazon EventBridge, your CleverTap event source must be associated with the event bus in Amazon EventBridge. You can now see the CleverTap event source, created in Step 3 of Configure CleverTap Event Source,
under the Partner events sources on the Amazon EventBridge dashboard. To associate the event source with the designated event bus in the AWS console:

  1. Select the event source name and associate it with an event bus.
  2. After establishing the connection, set your rules and targets for Amazon EventBridge to redirect events to an AWS service. For more information, refer to the Amazon EventBridge documentation.