Learn how to set up Amazon Eventbridge to send event data to Amazon service

This process involves adding Amazon Eventbridge details to the CleverTap dashboard. To add the details to the CleverTap dashboard:

  1. Log in to your CleverTap account.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Partners > Exports.
  1. Click the Amazon icon under the Unconnected partners section. The Amazon page is displayed.
  2. Enter Amazon service details.

The details can be obtained by navigating to Amazon EventBridge > Amazon EventBridge Partners and then clicking Set up CleverTap partner listing of the Amazon dashboard.



AWS Account ID

This user property is used as an identifier when sending events data to Amazon Eventbridge.


Select the AWS region from the AWS region dropdown list to receive events.

  1. Click Save. On clicking, the message "Your Amazon credentials saved successfully" is displayed.
    Amazon is now displayed under Connected partners when you navigate to Settings > Partners > Exports.