RevenueCat is an in-app purchase and subscription platform for mobile apps. The RevenueCat model offers the following benefits:

  • Build cross-platform in-app purchases easily
  • Manage your products and subscribers
  • Analyze your in-app purchases data without any server code requirement

Learn more about RevenueCat from the RevenueCat Website.

How do RevenueCat and CleverTap work together?

After integrating, RevenueCat automatically sends all the events related to customer subscriptions from your app to CleverTap. You can then analyze events and monitor revenue from your app seamlessly.

Learn how to integrate in-app subscription events from RevenueCat with CleverTap from RevenueCat Integration.

Use cases for customer engagements

  • Send a push notification to the users that have dropped off during an in-app purchase.
  • Send out win-back emails and push notifications if a user turns off auto-renewals for a subscription during the free trial.
  • Send an onboarding campaign to a user during the free trial.