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If you integrate your Google Ads and CleverTap accounts, you will be able to segment your users in CleverTap, and automatically upload those users to Audience lists in your Google Ads account.

This integration will enable you to easily run remarketing campaigns where you show ads to specific segments of your users across Google Search Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

Step 1: Get Your Ads Customer ID

  • Login to your Google Ads account.
  • Navigate to the settings section and copy the Customer ID listed under account information. For more help on finding your Google Ads Customer ID, please see this page.

Step 2: CleverTap Dashboard Steps

  • Login to the CleverTap Dashboard and navigate to the Settings page.
  • Click on Channels->Remarketing.
  • Paste the Customer ID that you copied in step 2 and then click Connect.
  • Press Allow when prompted by Google to give access to CleverTap.
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Verify Credentials

If you have multiple CleverTap accounts, make sure that you are using the correct one. Similarly, if you have multiple Ads accounts, please verify it is the correct one.

Step 3: Create a New Campaign for Ads Remarketing

When you create a new campaign in CleverTap, you can select Google Ads as the channel of communication.

Click on the Campaigns page, click on + Campaign, and then click the Ads button.

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After you select the segment of users you want to target, you can either add the selected segment to an existing Audience list from your Google Ads account or you can create a new one.

Once you create this campaign in CleverTap, Google will update the audience list within 48 hours. You can then add these audience lists to your ad groups in Ads and start serving them ads.

Additional Notes about Google Ads Remarketing

  • Since it takes up to 48 hours for an Audience list to be populated with members, you will most likely see an "In Progress" status within the Ads UI when you update an audience list.
  • Email addresses must be associated with a Google account.
  • Only addresses can be used for targeting in Gmail.
  • For privacy purposes, the user list size will show as zero until the list has at least 1,000 members. After that, the size will be rounded to the two most significant digits.
  • Google matches the email/phone according to the process mentioned here. This means the number of people uploaded may be less than the number of people actually shown on your Google Ads account.

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