CleverTap supports customers sending and receiving WhatsApp messages using Gupshup as their provider. Once a provider is selected the user needs to create a template before creating a WhatsApp campaign.

Select Gupshup Provider

Perform the following steps to select Gupshup as the messaging provider for WhatsApp.

  1. From the CleverTap dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on Channels.
  2. Select WhatsApp.



Only one WhatsApp Provider account is supported per CleverTap project.

  1. Click +Providers then select Gupshup from the dropdown menu. Nexmo is the provider default.
  1. Enter the following credentials:
  • Nickname: Enter the nickname for this set of credentials.
  • Inbound message callback URL: This is a non-editable field.

Note that the Gupshup must use the following payload format to configure incoming message callbacks at their end.

CleverTap_Sandbox Incoming Hits - Calling URL :: POST :: https://cb.wzrkt.com/gupshup/response?a=XXX-XXX-XXXX ==> {
  "waNumber": "91XXXXXXXXXX",
  "mobile": "91XXXXXXXXXX",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "text": "incoming text",
  "type": "text",
  "timestamp": "1658261071000"
  • Delivery reports callback URL: This is a non-editable field.

Note that the Gupshup must use the following payload format to configure DLR callbacks at their end.

2022-02-25 01:22:30 ################ KEYVALUE Forwarding: https://cb.wzrkt.com/gupshup/status?a=XXX-XXX-XXXX => headers:  => body: [response:[{
  "srcAddr": "CLVTAP",
  "extra": "9|1658264893|20220720|9|wzrk_default",
  "channel": "WHATSAPP",
  "externalId": "4687162516402008133-497817541934555810",
  "cause": "READ",
  "errorCode": "026",
  "destAddr": "+91XXXXXXXXXX",
  "eventType": "READ",
  "eventTs": 1658264959000
  • Notification account user ID: Enter the notification account user ID.
  • Notification account password: Enter the notification account password.
  • Two-way account user ID: Enter the two-way account user ID.
  • Two-way account password: Enter the two-way account password.
  • App name: Enter the App name from the Gupshup dashboard.
    • Mobile Number: Enter either a Gupshup phone number or a shortcode. You can enter phone numbers or shortcodes listed under the Gupshup dashboard > Numbers > Your Numbers.
    • Facebook URL: Enter the Facebook URL from the Gupshup dashboard.


Non-Editable Fields

The inbound message callback URL and delivery reports callback URL are non-editable fields. These values must be set up in your Gupshup account to allow CleverTap to receive inbound messages from end-users and delivery reports for messages sent through Gupshup.



Auto Reply Checkbox

Select the checkbox if you want to set auto-replies for users who are not tracked in CleverTap. If a message is received from a phone number for which a profile is not present with CleverTap, then this default message is sent to the user.

  1. Click Save.

Add Multiple WhatsApp Phone Numbers


Adding Multiple Numbers

Customers can add multiple phone numbers for WhatsApp irrespective of their service provider. In case the business has multiple numbers, the autoresponse, FAQ response, and agent replies will go from the number that received the last message from customers.

To add a phone number to your WhatsApp profile, follow step 3 onwards here.

Select Template

Once you have selected Gupshup as the provider, create a template for the campaign.

  1. Select the Templates option, and click +Template.
  1. Enter the template name in the namespace field.
  2. Choose the type of template header (Text or Media). For Media headers, you can use Image, Video, Document, and Location
  3. Enter the message content.
  4. You can also choose to add a Footer text and a Button (Quick Reply or a Call To Action).
  1. Click Save.

Create Campaign

To create a WhatsApp campaign using Gupshup as the provider, refer to Creating a WhatsApp Campaign for detailed instructions.


Errors during integration
Restricted IPs can cause errors during integration. Check that there are no IP restrictions enabled on the Gupshup account. To check the IPs from the CleverTap dashboard, go to Settings > Channels > Mobile push. The FCM credentials section lists the IPs that are used to send WhatsApp requests. These IPs must be whitelisted on both the one-way and two-way account IDs of Gupshup.


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