Troubleshooting & FAQs

Refer to our frequently asked questions and troubleshoot any issues with your SMS campaign.


This section covers FAQs related to the SMS messaging channel.


How do we unsubscribe a user from receiving SMS promotions?

The Subscribe API provides the ability to set a phone number as subscribed or unsubscribed. This is important so that you do not send an SMS to a phone number accidentally unless they have explicitly opted for it.

What is a Profile not reachable error?

The error Profile not reachable occurs whenever the qualified device is not reachable via the selected communication channel.

For SMS, the scenario is that the profile does not have a phone number.

What is a Duplicate Profile for the channel error?

This error indicates two different profiles have the same phone number. The engagement is sent for one profile and an error is raised for the second profile.

Why do some emojis and characters not display in my SMS body?

Check that your service provider supports sending special characters/emojis in an SMS.