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Understand how to create a campaign for Google Ads

Create a New Campaign

Create a campaign to deliver your Google Ads message.
To create a new campaign:

  1. From the CleverTap dashboard, select Campaigns.
  2. Click + Campaign.
  3. From the Messaging Channels list, select Google Ads.
Create a New Google Ads Campaign

Create a New Google Ads Campaign

The Campaigns page displays.

Google Ads Campaign Configuration Page

Google Ads Campaign Configuration Page

Define all the sections and publish the campaign.

Start Campaign Setup

The Start here section displays the setup information.

This section has the following parts:

  • Start here: Displays the information for platforms such as FCM, Xiaomi, or iOS. Check that the required platforms are integrated and ready for campaigns. When the account set up is not done, the following warning message is displayed and you need to set up the account to be able to run campaigns:

Start the Google Ads Account Setup

When the account setup is done, the following message is displayed and you can now create a campaign:


Google Ads Account Setup Completed

  • Set a goal: You can track your campaign conversion by setting up a goal. Setting a goal allows you to measure your campaign effectively against what you want to achieve with the campaign. You can define your conversion goal further by filtering an event by event properties. This selection is optional.

    The campaign goal can be as generic or as specific as you want. It can answer questions from How many users were influenced for purchasing an X amount? to *How many first-time visitors purchased red shoes worth a minimum of X amount and blue jackets worth a minimum of Y amount? ".


Goal Conversion Tracking

Define the Audience

You must indicate the target audience for your Ads campaign. You can specify your target audience from the Target segment section. Here, you can create a new segment or use a previously saved user segment from the segment list.

For Past Behavior segments, you also calculate the Estimated reach.


Segment Your Target Audience


If you want to create an ad-hoc segment, you can select a type of segment on which to base your Ads campaign. You can create the target based on past user behavior and user properties.

On this basis, you would then set up the Who by choosing to send this campaign to all users who qualify or just a portion of the users who qualify under Estimated reach.

Deliver Ads Notifications based on Past Behavior (PBS)

You can also target users their past user behavior. For past behavior campaigns, you also have an option to calculate Estimated reach. The estimated reach shows the number of users that qualify for the campaign criteria and the number of reachable users.

Filter by User Properties

Using the With user properties filter in the Who section, you can segment your campaign to only reach users who meet specific criteria.

For example, you can send an Ads notification to English-speaking female users who live in the United States.


Filter by User Properties

The following table explains the various property types:

Property TypeDescriptionExample
User PropertiesCustom user profile properties that you define and send to CleverTap.Customer Type = Platinum
DemographicsDemographics filters include Age and Gender.Age = 25 to 40 years
Gender = Female
GeographyUser's coarse location. Filters include Country, Region, and City. CleverTap's SDK can automatically detect this from the user's IP address.Country = United States
State = California
City = San Francisco
Geography RadiusUser's exact location. You can select a city, and then define the target radius. You can also select multiple cities. You can send this information using CleverTap's SDK. For more information, refer to the iOS and Android developer guides.Locations = San Francisco, USA; Paris, France
ReachabilityReachability filters include Has email address, Has phone number, Unsubscribed email, and Unsubscribed SMS.Unsubscribed email = No
App FieldsApp fields filters include App Version, Device Make, Device Model, OS Version, and CleverTap SDK Version. This information is sent by CleverTap's SDK for each device that has your app, which means a single user can have multiple devices associated with their user profile.OS Version = 10

To know more about what segments can be used, see Segments.

Define the Message Content

Now, you can set up the What section, that is, you can select the audience to which you want to export the user details.

Ads Editor

You can either append an existing audience list or create an audience list. Select the user details such as Email or Phone that you want to upload to this list.

Add qualified users using CleverTap



Check that you have available CRM lists before adding users.

Configure Audience Type In What Section

Configure Audience Type In What Section

Create a new audience on Google using CleverTap


Create a New Audience on Google Using CleverTap

Define the Campaign Schedule

You can set up the When to schedule the campaign start and end using the options below:

The delivery preferences for Google Ads campaigns can be set as follows:

  • Send Now: Select this option to send the campaign right away.
  • Schedule for later: Select this option to send the campaign on a specific date and time.
  • Set as Recurring: Select this option to send the campaign at specific intervals.
Define Campaign Schedule.

Define Campaign Schedule.


Recurring Day

If you specify a recurring day for a campaign such as the 7th of each month, then the campaign will start for the specified day and ignore the creation date. This is a precaution to avoid sending a campaign unintentionally on a prior date.

Publish Campaign

After testing and previewing the appearance of your campaign, finalize your campaign by clicking Publish Campaign.


Publish Campaign