Facebook Audiences Stats

Understand the statistical information available for Facebook Audiences campaigns

Campaign Stats


Once the campaign is live, you can view its stats by navigating to Audiences under Campaigns on the CleverTap dashboard and selecting the campaign of interest to view its deliveries, clicks, and conversions.


Select Audiences Under Campaigns

Click to open the selected campaign. The Stats for the selected campaign displays.

You can track the following stats for Facebook Audiences campaigns:

  • Sent: Indicates the total number of notifications sent to user devices.
  • Impressions: Indicates the total number of devices that receive the notifications. The percentage value for Impressions is calculated as follows: [(Impressions/Sent) x 100]. It is available only for CleverTap SDK 3.5.1 and above.
  • Clicks: Indicates the number of clicks generated by the campaign. The percentage value is calculated as follows: [(Clicks/Sent) * 100]
  • CTR: Indicates the clickthrough rate of the campaign. It is calculated as follows: [(Click/Impressions) * 100].
  • Amount Spent: Indicates the amount of money spent on the ad campaign with which the audience is associated on Facebook Audiences.

Track Facebook Audiences Campaigns Stats

Message Trend


Message Trend Stats Line Diagram

It represents the trend of Sent events for the campaign over a specific period (daily, weekly, monthly).