Email Editor

CleverTap enables users to customize and save email templates for current and future campaigns with ease.


The Email Editor tool is a feature available when building an email message in CleverTap. It allows you to add content to pre-built templates or build your customized templates. After creating an email template, you can use it in the current campaign or save it for future campaigns.

From the What section in the Email builder, click Go to Editor.

The Email Editor tool displays.


Select Email Editor Type

Template Types

You can choose from the following template options:

  • Basic Templates: You can choose from pre-built or empty templates available from this tab.
  • AMP Templates: You can choose from pre-built Templates, Email with custom HTML & AMP, and Email with drag and drop from this tab. CleverTap currently offers 10 pre-build email AMP templates.

You can also save customized templates and view them under Saved Templates.

Basic Templates

You can choose from the following types of templates:

  • Email with rich media: Create a rich message with text and images using the built-in email editor. You can also use the Source mode to type or paste your HTML code. You can also add personalization by using the @ and {{}} icons. For more information about personalization, refer to Personalize Email Message.
  • Email with drag and drop: Drag and drop elements such as text, images, and buttons to create a beautiful email message. Convert to HTML to add further customization.
  • Ready-to-use templates: These are drag-and-drop types of templates. Select from the list of ready templates to suit your purposes, such as a blog with photos, order confirmation, offers and deals, feedback forms, and so on.

Rich Media Template

Create rich messages using rich text and images. The following are the two ways in which you can create a message:

Using Built-in Editor

To create a message using a built-in editor:

  1. Select Email with rich media.
  2. Create a template using the built-in editor:
    i. Add the text.
    ii. Click the icon to insert images.
    iii. Click the icon to insert links.

Email with Rich Media Template

Using Source Mode

To create a message using a source mode:

  1. Select Email with rich media.
  2. Create a template using Source mode:
    i. Add your HTML content into the box.

View Source Mode

ii. Click Save Template if you want to save this customized template for future use.

iii. Click Save. The customized template is saved under Saved Templates.


Saved Templates

  1. Click the @ and {{}} icon to add personalization. For more information on personalization, refer to Personalize Message.

Drag and Drop Template

Learn how to use an Email with drag and drop template. You can leverage this feature to personalize and save email templates, streamlining the customization process for current and future campaigns. In this step, we will look at three of them: Add an Element, Delete an Element, Change an Image, and Manage Rows.

Change an Image

  1. Click inside the box of the image you want to change.

Drag and Drop Editor

  1. Click the image.

Add Image

  1. Click the Change Image button. The File manager displays.
  2. Select an image from the gallery or upload a custom image.

Upload Image

  1. Click Insert. Your new image will appear in the selected box.

Insert Image

Add a New Text Block

  1. Under the Content tab, find Text.

Add a Tex Block

  1. Drag the Text icon to the desired location.

Now, you have a new text block.

Similarly, you can also drag other elements, such as Images, Buttons, or Videos, into your template.

Delete an Element

  1. Click the box of the element you want to delete.

Delete an Element

  1. Click the trashcan icon.

  2. Click Delete.

The element you deleted will no longer appear.

Manage Rows

You can drag and drop, delete, rename, or re-organize your saved rows right inside the editor.

  1. Select the Email with a drag and drop template.
  2. Click the ROWS tab.
  3. Select the Empty, Default, or Saved Rows from the list.
  4. Drag and drop the row to the editor.

Save Rows

To save a row:

  1. Double-click the row.
  2. Click the folder icon to save the row for future use.

Delete Rows

To delete rows:

  1. You can delete saved rows from the editor.
  2. Click the ROWS tab in the editor.
  3. Select the saved row and click the ellipsis.
  4. Click Delete.

Delete a Saved Row

Display Condition

Display conditions determine when and under what circumstances certain content is rendered to the recipients.

  1. Click the row to which you want to add the display condition.
  2. Click Add Condition under the DYNAMIC CONTENT section. The Add display conditions pop-up window appears. The following columns appear.
Column NameDescription
NameAdd your condition name.
DescriptionAdd your description for the condition.
Add display condition before the selected rowAdd a criteria that is checked before the selected row from the email is rendered. This feature ensures that particular rows are shown only to recipients who meet specific criteria.
Add display condition after the selected rowAdd a criteria that is checked after the selected row from the email is rendered. This feature controls the visibility of the content that follows the selected row.
Email Editor Display Condition

Email Editor Display Condition

  1. Click Add to add the display condition and its details. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

Mobile View

You can switch between the mobile and desktop views of your message to view and edit content. You can check how the content will display on a mobile phone without going to Previews or sending a test message. Any changes made to the mobile view will be reflected on the desktop view as well. It is a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.


View Responsiveness

AMP Templates

AMP for email brings interactivity to the inbox, letting your user take action without leaving a message. It offers engaging content like forms, carousels, and more for a seamless experience.

Template Operations

Save A Template

This step is optional. You can choose to save a template for future use. Click Save template.


Save a Template

  1. Name your template and click Save.

Your template is now saved under the Saved Templates tab.

Search for Saved Template(s)

From the Create Email page, you can search for a template by Template Name in the search bar.

Search a Template

Search a Saved Template

Filter Saved Templates

You can filter the saved templates according to HTML or Drag and Drop type.

  1. Click the icon. The Filter Templates pane appears on the right side of the screen.
  2. Choose from the filter options in the Filter Templates pane based on your template search preferences.
Drop-down ListDescription
TypeSelect from the following options to filter templates by their type: HTML, and Drag and Drop
Created byFilter by email ID of the user who created the templates.
Edited byFilter by user email ID of the user who edited the templates.

Toggle the Show only AMP Email option to display only AMP templates. This option is available only if you are using the AMP for Email feature, which is currently in Private Beta.

  1. Click Apply to filter templates as per your set preferences, or click Cancel to discard the changes.
Filter Saved Templates

Filter Saved Templates

Sort Saved Templates

Select from the Sort by dropdown list your desired sorting criteria:

  • Created On (Most recent)
  • Created On (Oldest)
  • Edited On (Most recent)
  • Edited On (Oldest)
  • Template Name (A to Z)
  • Template Name (Z to A)
Sort Saved Templates

Sort Saved Templates


Default Sorting Critera

The templates are sorted using Edited Date in descending order by default. The Created On date of a template is same as the Edited Date if you do not edit the template.

Device Preview

Dark Mode

You can preview how your email displays in dark mode on a desktop or a mobile phone.



Dark Mode is only available in the Email with drag and drop editor.

Follow the steps to preview your template in Dark Mode:

  1. Select the Email with drag and drop editor.

Email with Drag and Drop

  1. Draft your message.

Add Content

  1. Click the Preview and Test button. The Preview and test window displays. You can preview how the email will look in dark mode by turning the Dark Mode toggle ON.

View in Dark Mode


Dark Mode Preview

Dark Mode support varies across email clients and devices. Test the mails on an email client with dark mode enabled for best results. The Dark Mode preview generates a generic dark mode color scheme when enabled.

Refer to the links below for dark mode email design tips:
5 Tips for Dark Mode Email Design
The Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode for Email Marketers

Inbox Previews with Code Analysis

Inbox Previews with Code Analysis offers you an analysis of your HTML code. It also provides you previews across devices and inboxes before you send out a campaign. The Email Add-On offers you 100 inbox previews a month.

Before we begin, check that you have enabled Inbox Previews. To enable the Inbox Previews, see Enable Email Previews. To preview the inbox:

  1. Select the template.
  2. Create your message.
  3. Click Preview & Test. The Previews and test window displays.
  4. Go to the Inbox Previews tab. The tests will display email previews across all the selected inboxes. It displays the errors, if any, for each inbox. To select inboxes, refer to Enabling Previews. The Code Analysis tab displays the error type and details. You can sort these errors by severity or property.

Inbox Previews


Templates for Inbox Preview

Code Analysis with Inbox Preview is available for the Custom HTML template and Rich Media Template.

  1. Click Fix issues in the editor link to fix the issues. You are redirected to the email editor.
    Rerun the preview tests to check that the previews are in order.

Spam Report

A spam report allows you to test your email for deliverability by creating a spam report. The Email Add-On offers you 100 spam reports a month.

Follow the steps to generate the spam report.

  1. Select the template.
  2. Create your message.
  3. Click the Preview and Test button. The Previews and test window displays.
  4. Click the Spam Report tab.
  5. Click the Generate Report button. The display may take some time if you have selected multiple inboxes. We will render the results and send you a notification email to know when the preview is ready.

Generate Spam Report