CleverTap supports sending emails through SendGrid.

Two Factor Authentication

SendGrid is rolling out mandatory Two-Factor Authentication from December 9th, 2020. We are working towards enabling it for our customers. In the meanwhile, do not enable Two-Factor Authentication for your SendGrid account. Enabling 2FA will restrict all emails going out from CleverTap. If you have already enabled Two-Factor authentication, you can disable it. For more information, see Disable Two-Factor Authentication in SendGrid.

Step 1: Integrate SendGrid with CleverTap

  • In the dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on Integrate Email.
  • Select SendGrid.
  • In the Host text box, fill the host value as
  • In the Port text box, fill Port value as 587.
  • Fill in the Username value as your SendGrid username.
  • Password value is the same as your SendGrid account login password.
  • From Address – This value is used as the sender email address. Most people will not open an email unless they recognize the sender.
  • Reply Address - This value is used as the reply address. You can receive replies to this address.
  • Save your settings.
  • Finally, click Send a test email and fill in your details to test the configuration details you entered. Has it arrived in your inbox? If not, see troubleshooting steps below.

Step 2: Bounces, Rejections, and Unsubscriptions

When an email is classified as bounced, rejected or when a user unsubscribes, CleverTap needs to be notified so that no further deliveries to that mailbox are attempted. This is considered a good practice and helps improve your sender reputation. Good sender reputation virtually guarantees better delivery rates.

To enable support for bounce processing, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Mail Settings and enable Event Notification.
  • Go to Settings from within Event Notification.
  • In the HTTP Post URL input box, add the Callback URL, as shown in the image below.
  • Check the following from the Select Options menu – Dropped, Bounced, and Unsubscribed From.
  • Save your settings.


  • When an email bounces, drops or unsubscribes, CleverTap will mark the user’s email address as inactive.
  • The count of email bounces is shown on the email report screen.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

Check your SPAM folder to see if the message has been classified as SPAM by your email provider.

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