Scribe FAQs

Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about Scribe.

Scribe is the first and only AI-powered writing assistant that can also analyze and adjust the emotional tone of your content.

This section describes the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Scribe.

Q. How does Scribe work?

A. Scribe is developed using our in-house emotion analyzer and OpenAI APIs. It is the first and only content generator coupled with an emotion analyzer for creating emotionally resonant and hyper-personalized content at scale.

Q. Does Scribe give everyone the same suggestions for the same prompts?

A. Scribe uses OpenAI APIs to generate message copies. It does not provide the same suggestions to everyone. However, it may generate similar responses based on identical prompts.

Q. Does Scribe generate multilingual messages?

A. Yes, Scribe supports generating multilingual messages.

Q. How many languages does Scribe support?

A. Scribe is powered by OpenAI technologies. It supports all languages that OpenAI supports. For more information, refer to OpenAI Supported Languages.

Q. Can Scribe rephrase a message it previously generated?

A. Yes, Scribe rephrases a message it originally generated. To do this, generate multiple message copies using the Generate Options feature. Select and copy a message, paste it into the Message/Text field, and click Paraphrase.

Q. Can I write a message on my own and use Scribe only to analyze the emotions?

A. You can compose your own message and click Emotion Analyzer to analyze the emotions.

Q. How can I increase a specific emotion for a message?

A. You can use the Paraphrase feature again to get new options with varying emotions.

Q. Why does Scribe show an API failure error?

A. When the OpenAI server is unavailable or busy, Scribe displays the Server error: Try again in some time. error message. You can wait for some time and try again later.

Q. Does Scribe get trained from our account data? For example, does it learn which content copies work for us and recommend future copies based on that?

A. No, Scribe does not use your data for training its models.

Q. Is our account data safe in Scribe? Do the copies that we use get shared with other customers?

A. No, your account data is private and not used for generic learning. Scribe does not use your data for training its models or share copies with other customers.

Q. Does Scribe automatically detect trending topics and suggest copies for them?

A. Scribe is integrated with Open AI, trained on publicly available data until Sept 2021. However, you can refine prompts to include the latest topics. For example:
Topic: Create a promotional campaign for football enthusiasts.
Include Words: IPL 2023