Web Native Display

Learn how you can leverage Web Native Display for delivering a personalized web user experience


Private Beta

This feature is released in private Beta. To apply for the Private Beta access, contact your customer success manager.

Web Native Display channel enables you to deliver a personalized user experience on the target website for your customers. It also provides the ability to change the content of your website dynamically, which in turn helps deliver personalized and contextual content to your users.

It is important to understand the configurations required to set up a web native display for your website. Refer to this detailed integration guide to get started with web native display.



  1. Ensure that you have integrated CleverTap's new Web SDK.
  2. Ensure that the default/fallback content is configured on your website to render in case of delayed response from CleverTap servers.
  3. This feature is only supported on Web SDK version 1.3.0 or higher.