Best Time Campaign

Send Optimal time messages to users.


Best Time is a feature that recommends the most optimal time to send a message to each user for a campaign or a journey.

We optimize the message send-time for each user based on when that user is most active with your application. If you send a campaign with the Best Time feature enabled, users are more likely to engage with your message when receiving it.


Select Best Time to Send Campaign.

How It Works

We identify the best time based on a specific event that you choose.

CleverTap sends Best Time campaigns by splitting a day into two-hour buckets, 12 buckets in total. Your users are then assigned to one of these buckets based on the time of the day they are most active with your app. The user is then sent the campaign or journey in that two-hour window.

If there is any user who has not performed the selected event in the last 180 days, then they are sent the campaign or journey at the CleverTap default time. The default time is right after the 12th bucket.


Bucket Example

For example, if a Best Time campaign is created on January 1 at 5:15 PM, then all users who are most active between 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM qualify for the first bucket and receive the campaign immediately. The next run happens at 7:15 PM and users who are most active in the 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM bucket receive the message.


Best Time Campaign Handling During DND

If the users have opted for DND in Best Time campaigns, their messages are discarded during DND hours.


Best Time Campaign Handling in DND

Best Time Setup

To set up Best Time:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Setup > Best Time.
  2. Select the event to be used to calculate the best time.
  3. Click Save.

Setup Best Time

Best Time for Campaigns

To create a campaign with this feature, perform the following steps:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Campaigns.
  2. Click + Campaign.
  3. Select one of the following channels: email, push notifications, web push, and SMS.

Campaigns with Best Time

  1. Select a campaign type.

This feature works with the following campaign types:

  • One time > Later > Best time
  • Multiple dates > Best time on every date
  • Multiple dates > Combination of the best time and fixed time
  • Recurring > Best time
  1. Select the best time option.

This option is available for multiple dates campaigns.


Set Multiple Dates for Campaigns

Or it is available for recurring campaigns.


Set Recurring Dates for Campaigns


Campaign Time Overlap

If you have the Best Time campaign scheduled for the present day, you cannot schedule a Fixed Time campaign for the next day to avoid campaign time overlap between two dates.


Campaign Time Overlap

Best Time for Journeys

For campaigns following a past behavior segment, messages can be delivered at the best time with any of the following channels including, email, push notifications, web push, and SMS.

Click Sleep Time

To set up a message to deliver at the best time, create a journey. For more information, refer to Journeys.

  1. Click on the sleep time (timer icon) between the segment and the next message.
  2. Select the Best time option to send out a message at the best time.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Set Sleep Time in Journeys

Advanced Options

If Best Time is chosen as the delivery option, the following advanced options are applicable:

  • User time zone: Considering the Best Time feature chooses the time when the user is most active, the user time zone is always implicitly applied.
  • Global throttle limits: Cannot be applied with the Best Time feature.