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The Email Editor tool is a feature available when building an email campaign in CleverTap. It lets you add content to pre-built templates, or customize and build your own templates. After creating an email template, you can use it in the current campaign or save it for future campaigns.

Create Your First Email Template with the Email Editor

Step 1: Navigate to the Email Editor

  1. Navigate to 'Campaigns' tab in the CleverTap dashboard and then click on the + Campaign button.
  1. Select the "Email" channel.
  1. Select the campaign type you want.
  1. Select your desired settings. Then click Continue.
  1. Click All users.
  1. Build your segment. Then click Continue.
  1. Click Select under Single message.

This brings you to the Email Editor tool.

Step 2: Choose a Template

Decide which template you want and click Select.

You can choose between pre-built templates under Gallery or empty templates under Templates. You can also save customized templates and view them under My Gallery.

Let's choose a pre-built template and explore a few ways to edit a template in Step 3.

Step 3: Edit a Template

There are many edits you can make to a template. In this step, we will look at three of them: how to change an image, add a new block, and delete an element.

Change an Image

  1. Click inside the box of the image you want to change.
  1. Click Change image.
  1. Drag the new image from your computer into the Empty Folder box.
  1. Click Insert.

Your new image will appear in the selected box.

Add a New Text Block

  1. Under the Content tab, find Text.
  1. Drag the Text icon to the desired location.

Now you have a new text block.

Delete an Element

  1. Click inside the box of the element you want to delete.
  1. Click the trashcan icon.
  1. Click Delete.

The element you deleted will no longer appear.

Step 4: Save A Template

  1. Click Save to My Gallery.
  1. Name your template.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Click OK.

Your template will now be saved in My Gallery.

Additional Features

Insert a Stock Image

  1. Under the Contents tab, find Image.
  1. Drag the Image icon to the desired location.
  1. Click Browse.
  1. Click Search free photos.
  1. Type the image you are looking for into the search bar and hit Enter.
  1. To choose a photo from the results, hover over the desired image and click Import.
  1. Click Insert.

The stock photo you chose will now appear in the desired location.

Add a Button

  1. Under the Contents tab, find Button.
  1. Drag the Button icon to the desired location.

Your new button will be added to the desired location.

Create an Email Template with HTML

  1. Click Create a template with custom HTML.
  1. Add your HTML into the box.
  1. Name your template.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Click OK.

Your customized template will now be saved to My Gallery.

Inbox Previews with Code Analysis

Inbox Previews with Code Analysis offers you an analysis of your HTML code. It also offers you previews across devices and inboxes before you send out a campaign.

Before we begin, check that you have enabled Inbox Previews. For enabling the Inbox Previews, see Enable Email Previews. Follow the steps to create an email campaign.

  1. Select the New email with rich media template.
  2. Click the Source button in the email editor and paste your HTML code.
  3. Enter or paste the HTML in the email editor.
  4. Click Email Ace>Inbox Previews with Code Analysis button.
  1. Click Run Tests. The display may take some time if you have selected multiple inboxes. We will render the results and send you a notification email so that you know when the preview is loaded.
  1. The tests will display email previews across all the selected inboxes. It displays the errors, if any, for each inbox. For selecting inboxes, see Enabling Previews.
  1. Select any of the previews to fix the errors. The code analysis displays the error type and details. You can sort these errors by severity or property.
  1. Click the Fix issues in the editor link to fix the issues. You are redirected to the email editor.
  2. Click the Source button to view your HTML and fix the issues.
    Run the preview tests again to check that the previews are in order.


How do I delete a saved template?

At this time, it is not possible to delete a template that has been saved.

What if I want to choose a different template?

Click Change template at the top right.

Click OK.

I received the error message: "Please set the email credentials". How do I fix it?

This error message means you have not integrated your email provider with CleverTap. You can do this by following this guide.

Video Tutorial

For further information, you can watch the following video on email campaigns:

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