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Facebook Audiences are a great way to re-engage with users outside of your app or website, via ads on Facebook. The Facebook Audiences module on the CleverTap dashboard (under Campaigns) makes it easy to set up Facebook Audiences ads to all your users or specific user segments. These segments can be created on the basis of past user behavior, user properties, or a combination of past user behavior and properties.

Facebook Audiences Campaign Creation

Perform the following steps the create a Facebook Audiences campaign.

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

To start creating a Facebook Audiences campaign, select Campaigns > click + Campaign on the top-right, and then select Facebook Audiences.

Step 2: Define the When

You can set up the When to schedule the campaign start and end, as shown below.

Past behavior campaigns can be scheduled to run:

  • On a specific date and time.
  • On multiple specified dates and times.
  • Recurring at a periodicity you set.


Recurring Day for a Campaign

If you specify a recurring day for a campaign, such as the 7th of each month, then the campaign will start for the specified day and ignore the creation date. This is a precaution to avoid sending a campaign unintentionally on a prior date.

Step 3: Define the Who

If you choose to create an ad-hoc segment, you can now select a type of segment on which to base your Facebook Audiences campaign. The target can be created on the basis of past user behavior and/or user properties, as shown above. You can also choose from a list of pre-defined segments.

Step 4: Select the What

Choose which adset you want to export this campaign to. This ensures we can get the stats for this adset back into CleverTap for you to view in the CleverTap dashboard.

Step 5: Define Labels for Your Campaign

You can add specific labels for your campaign from a list or create new labels.

Then, you can continue to overview and schedule the Facebook Audiences ad to go out to your selected segment of users.

Campaign Stats

When you have created some ads for this audience in Facebook ads, you will be able to view the stats for the adset and filter for respective ads in CleverTap.

You can view the following stats:

  • Impressions
  • Clicked
  • Amount Spent

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Facebook Audience

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