As an added security measure, in CleverTap you can set up two factor authentication while logging in.

Set Up Two Factor Authentication

To set up two factor authentication, you need to navigate to the “my profile” tab, under settings. Once there, you can enable two-factor authentication. Once enabled, subsequent logins into the CleverTap dashboard will require you to mention your second authentication factor.

Currently CleverTap supports 2FA via Google Authenticator.

  • Navigate to the “my profile” tab under the settings section in your CleverTap Dashboard
  • Enable 2FA
  • Download the Google Authenticator App
  • Scan the barcode you see on the CleverTap Dashboard

Once you have enabled 2FA, you will have to enter the one-time-password generated by the Google Authenticator app, every time you try to log into your CleverTap account.


In case you have changed your phone, or don’t have access to your one-time-password generated by the Google Authenticator app, use the “forgot password” option while logging in and reset your password. Once you reset it, you will gain access to your CleverTap account, where you can either re-register your device for the 2nd factor of authentication, or you can switch 2FA off.

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