Account - 2FA

As an added security measure, in CleverTap you can set up two-factor authentication while logging in.

Set Up Two Factor Authentication

To set up two-factor authentication, you need to navigate to the My Profile tab, under settings. Once there, you can enable two-factor authentication. Once enabled, subsequent logins into the CleverTap dashboard will require you to enter your second authentication factor.


Currently CleverTap supports 2FA via Google Authenticator.

  • Navigate to the My Profile tab under the settings section in your CleverTap Dashboard
  • Enable 2FA
  • Download the Google Authenticator App
  • Scan the barcode you see on the CleverTap Dashboard

Once you have enabled 2FA, you need to enter the one-time-password generated by the Google Authenticator application each time you try to log into your CleverTap account.

Updated 9 months ago

Account - 2FA

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