Ride Hailing Use Cases

Understand how a Ride-Hailing business can leverage CleverTap Signed Call to solve critical business uses cases.


The ride-hailing business is experiencing innovation at an incredible pace, and customer experience is essential. CleverTap can bolster this experience with Signed Call while uplifting retention rates. The following are real-world examples of how Signed Call can solve your business challenges.

Use Case 1

Challenge - A user wants to communicate the location or the arrival time to the driver after booking a ride. The user dislikes sharing the contact number with the driver for privacy reasons and wants secure and trusted communication.

Solution - CleverTap Signed Call provides the user with a secured, contextual, and trusted in-app voice call to contact the driver without sharing the phone number, thus ensuring complete privacy and security. The call masking feature helps an app to build trust with the users.

Use Case 2

Challenge - A user has booked a cab, and the driver is waiting at the location. The driver tries reaching the user, but the user ignores the call because of the unknown incoming number or misses the call for some reason.

Solution - With CleverTap Signed Call, when users receive a call within the app, they know the context of the call. If they miss the call, the app sends an actionable push notification to the user. This notification helps the user get a callback or chat with the caller and ensures privacy and safety. This improves user experience and reduces the waiting time for both the driver and the user.

Use Case 3

Challenge - A driver cannot find the pin location of the user who has booked a ride. The driver tried reaching the user, but the user's phone was engaged. Due to a lack of communication, both the driver and the user are waiting.

Solution - Signed Call's in-app voice capability displays the context of the call over call screens to their users. Therefore, the call context is predetermined, ensuring a maximum call success ratio. This saves precious time for both the driver and the rider and improves the user experience.

Use Case 4

Challenge - A user wants to raise a complaint or query about a past ride. The user decides to submit a callback request. After receiving the call, the user must set the context (I am XYZ, phone number 123, had booked a cab today morning, and so on) before asking for help from the customer care executive.
Users often have to repeat their problems, which consumes their valuable time. This increases the resolution time.

Solution - With the CleverTap Signed Call feature, a user can communicate by requesting a free in-app voice call to customer care and providing a fully-personalized context before the actual communication begins. This paves the way for a speedy resolution of the issue, thereby elevating the user experience.