Last-Mile Delivery Use Cases

Understand how a Last-mile Delivery business can leverage CleverTap Signed Call to address the critical business use case.


The customer experience is a crucial factor for any business to be successful. The last-mile delivery businesses can improve the customer experience with the CleverTap Signed Call while uplifting retention rates. The following are some examples of how Signed Call can solve business challenges.

Use Case 1

Challenge - A user orders from a food delivery app, but the delivery is delayed due to issues at the delivery agent's end. The user wants an estimated delivery time but does not want to share the contact number with the delivery agent. The user is looking for secure and trusted communication.

Solution - CleverTap Signed Call feature provides the user with a secured, contextual, and trusted form of voice communication to contact the delivery agent without sharing the phone number, thus ensuring complete privacy and security. This call masking feature helps an app build trust with its users.

Use Case 2

Challenge - A user has ordered groceries on a delivery app. The user is unavailable on the scheduled delivery date and wants to reschedule the delivery quickly. The app does not have any options to communicate this date change.

Solution - With CleverTap Signed Call, a user can communicate in-app by requesting a callback with a personalized context. So, the user does not have to set the context with the representative when the actual call begins, paving the way for a speedy issue resolution and a delightful user experience. The order ID and account name or ID are automatically captured when the in-app call request is placed, ensuring a highly personalized and contextual interaction.

Use Case 3

Challenge - A grocery order of a user is out for delivery. The delivery agent cannot locate the exact delivery address required for timely delivery. The delivery agent tries to reach the user on a phone number, but the user ignores the call, assuming it is a spam number.

Solution - CleverTap Signed Call with in-app voice calling feature displays the context of the call over call screens to the user. It sets the context of the call, thus maximizing the call success ratio. CleverTap Signed Call also helps to establish the caller's authenticity (delivery agent in this case) between the app and the user.