Acquired / Acquisition
Users who’ve launched your mobile app or visited your website.

Addressable Users
Users having an email address or a phone number set in their profile data. These users are ‘addressable’ in the sense that they can be reached via email if they stop visiting your site.

Anonymous Users
Shows the count of users who are neither customers nor addressable. Some of these could be first-time visitors, who are yet to sign up or transact.

App Launched
The App Launched event gets recorded automatically when a user opens your mobile application. This event is raised only for mobile apps.

Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU)
This metric is used typically by Saas or gaming companies. It is calculated by dividing the total revenue by the number of users who paid anything at all. This metric is available in the Mobile Dashboard.

Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU)
This monetization metric gives a sense of revenue earned on daily basis from the apps. This metric is available in the Mobile Dashboard.

Campaign Traffic
Campaign traffic usually refers to traffic or users coming from sources such as emails, ad networks, affiliate sites, social networks, etc. Incoming URLs should have UTM parameters to track campaign source, name, and medium.

A Cohort is a group of users who share a common characteristic at a given time. A cohort analysis is a study of trends of that group of users over time. For example: A cohort could consist of those of your users who bought a certain product from you as of a given month. Your cohort analysis could then be how many of these users come back to make repeat purchases the next month.

Conversion event
A conversion event could be any user action that measures success for your business. For an E-commerce business, the Charged event could be set as the conversion event. See: Recording the Charged event.

Charged (event)
“Charged” is a special event in CleverTap which can be used to track transactions or purchases.

Hey, that’s us!

Users who have performed a conversion action. If you’ve not set the conversion action explicitly, it defaults to the Charged event.

Daily Active Users
Daily Active Users (also known as DAU) measures the number of users that have launched the mobile application at least once a day in a given time period.

Daily Paying Users
Daily Paying Users (also known as DPU) measures the number of users who have performed the conversion event you have specified in your dashboard daily for the time period you are analysing.

Daily Active Users divided by Monthly Active Users – This measures the sticky quotient of your mobile application. Converted to a percentage, it answers the question – what percentage of my monthly app users turn up each day? The closer this number is to 1, the better your apps sticky quotient is.

Daily Retention
This metric shows the number of users who have visited the website or have opened up the mobile application on a daily basis.

Direct Traffic
Direct traffic refers to user visits from sources such as bookmarks, favorites, or if a user typed type up the URL of your website directly in the browser.

This feature lets you bookmark a certain query that you can revisit later. You can bookmark the event detail, funnel and cohort pages. Favorites links are shareable with other dashboard users, as long as they have access to your account.

Funnel analysis helps figure out at what points in your website or mobile application flow are users dropping off. As an example, it can help you figure out how many people visited your website, of that how many went on to add things in the shopping cart and then finally how many of them made a purchase.

Monthly Active Users
Monthly Active Users (also known as MAU) is calculated in the same way as Daily Average Users (DAU) and Weekly Active Users (WAU) except that the time period is last 30 days. This metric helps track whether users are opening the mobile application at least once a month.

Monthly Paying Users
Monthly Paying Users (also known as MPU) measures the total number of users who paid you in the last 30 days.

Organic Traffic
Organic traffic refers to users who visit your site from search engines like Google and other websites without you paying for it. Think of this as primarily SEO traffic.

In the Mobile App Dashboard, retention is the percentage of customers who come back to use your app after first installing it (day 0) on day 1, day 3, and day 7.

Safety Check
A safety check prevents sending out unwanted campaigns. A campaign does not run if the number of qualified users exceeds the safety limit. The campaign creator receives an email alert for further action. For example, a customer has a budget for distributing 1000 discount coupons but the qualified user count is 10,000. If you select the safety check, the campaign does not run and prevents the sender from spending over budget.

Social Media (traffic sources)
This traffic source counts the number of people who’ve visited your website from social sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Sticky Quotient

Total Users (Today dashboard)
Shows the count of users who’ve opened your mobile application or visited your site in the last 15 minutes.

UTM Visited (event)
This event is recorded by CleverTap automatically for users visiting your mobile app or website from external 3rd party sites. For this event to be recorded, you’ll need to tag the URLs in your emails, newsletters, ad banners, etc. with UTM parameters. This event can be used to find out users coming in via a certain referrer, source, medium, or campaign name.

Weekly Active Users
Weekly Active Users (also known as WAU) is calculated in exactly the same way as the Daily Active Users (DAU) except that the time period is now 7 days rather than 24 hours.

Weekly Paying Users
The number of users who perform your selected conversion event in a week.

Monthly Paying Users
Also known as MPU measures the total number of users who performed the conversion event you have specified in the last 1 month.

Weekly Retention
This metric shows the number of users who have visited the website or have opened up the mobile application at least once a week.

Influenced Conversion
This measures the users who were influenced by CleverTap campaigns.
Influenced conversion = Users who Converted/users who were sent a message

Control Group Conversion
This measures the users from the Control Group that were converted.
Control group conversion = Control Group Users that Converted / Total Control Group Users

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